Welcome To Mark Salyzyn's Home

If there is a place to brag, let it be a quiet spot in a large universe. Pride in one's accomplishments and offspring belongs as an intimate joy amoungst friends, peaceful acquantances and family. These links are devoted to this credo. If you be friend, contemporary or family, you are welcome to discover more of who we are here!

If you are a victim of SPAM, you may vent some steam and lend credibility to the suggested changes to the US laws by placing unsolicited commercial email in the same class as junk FAXes by contacting Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email.

If you are interested in Jaguar Cars, I have a few modifications that you may be interested in. If you are interested in Honda Goldwing GL1800 Motorcycles, I have a few modifications that you may be interested in.

In support of all the people whose lives were terminated or disrupted by the cowardly zealots who perpetrated the crimes on September 11 2001. I am embarassed that such immoral humans can share even an inkling of genetics with the civilized human and hope to see continued light representing the good in us to show that we can and are better than these poor examples of our race.
I am not a flag waving American, neither that for the Canadian flag which I also share allegiance. It is the people that represent the country, a flag pales against them. It is a symbol of Solidarity that I proudly fly.