1st Generation

HUANG YUN 黄云 (b.2283 BC)


Huang is an ancient surname which origin could be traced back 4,200 years to the time of the legendary sage emperors, preceding the Xia dynasty (c.2070 BC- c.1600 BC).

According to many Huang clan genealogies and historical records such as Xing Pu《姓谱》, Yuan He Xing Zuan 《元和姓纂》, Tong Zhi 《通志.氏族略》, the Huang family began with Hui Lian 惠连, son of Lu Zhong 陆终, a direct descendant of the Yellow Emperor (Huang Di) 黄帝 (2698 BC-2598 BC), the Legendary Ancestor of the Chinese Nation.

This lineage of Hui Lian from the Yellow Emperor (Huang Di) is as follows:

(1)The Yellow Emperor (Huang Di)---(2)Chang Yi 昌意---(3)Zhuan Xu (Emperor) 帝颛须---(4)Qiong Chan 穷蝉---(5)Nu Xiu 女修---(6)Lao Tong 老童---(7)Shao Xin 少辛---(8)Juan Zhang 卷章---(9)Zhong Li 重黎---(10)Wu Hui 吴回---(11)Lu Zhong 陆终---(12)Hui Lian 惠连.

According to the historical records Shiji 《史记: 楚世家;五帝本》(Records of the Grand Historian) and Da Dai Li Ji《大戴礼记: 帝系》, Lu Zhong married Nukui 女溃 from the Guifang Clan 鬼方氏. Nukui was pregnant for three years and later (in the 33rd year of Emperor Yao according to the Huang Clan Genealogy) gave birth to sextuplets through a caesarian birth (which is the world's earliest recorded multiple and caesarian births). The six sons were: eldest Fan 樊 (also known as Fan Ren 樊人), second Ding 定 (also known as Hui Lian 惠连), third Qian (also known as Qiankeng 钱铿), fourth Qiu 求 (also known as Qiuyan 求言), fifth Yan An 晏安 (also known as Cao An 曹安 or Zao An 遭安), and the sixth, Ji 季 (also known as Ji Lian 季连).

In the 96th year of Emperor Yao 尧帝 (2220 BC), Hui Lian scored a merit in harnessing river floods, and Emperor Yao 尧帝 conferred on him the state of Can'hu 参胡 (present-day region of Fenyang 汾阳, Shanxi province 山西省, China). Emperor Yao renamed Can'hu "the State of Huang 黄国" and bestowed on Hui Lian the Surname Huang and name Yun . Hence, Hui Lian was known by the name Huang Yun. He was also known by the name, Nan Lu 南陆. Hui Lian was the Progenitor of the Huang (in a variant of Chinese Minnan [Hokkien] dialect ="Ng") surname. All of Hui Lian's brothers later received nobility titles and fief conferments from Emperor Shun 帝舜 for assisting Great Yu 大禹 (later founder of Xia dynasty) in harnessing river floods.

A research paper on the origin of the Huang Surname (in Chinese) can be read HERE

2nd Generation

Huang Jia 黄嘉 (b. 2253 BC)

He was Lord of Huang State 黄国主.

3rd Generation

Huang Zuzhong 黄祖仲 (b. 2192 BC)

He was Lord of Huang State 黄国主.

4th Generation

Huang Zui 黄最

5th Generation

Huang Shu 黄舒

6th Generation

Huang Hou 黄厚

7th Generation

Huang Mian 黄冕

8th Generation

Huang Kai 黄凯

9th Generation

Huang Han 黄函

10th Generation

Huang Yu 黄俞

11th Generation

Huang Shou 黄寿

12th Generation

Huang Suo 黄所

He was "Shui Shi" 水师 (Flood Officer?) of Xia dynasty 夏朝.

13th Generation

Huang Xiaxian 黄侠仙

He was "Yue Zheng" 乐正 of Xia dynasty.

14th Generation

Huang Zhongrong 黄仲熔

15th Generation

Huang Yao 黄要

He was the First Prime Minister 右相 of King Jiong of Xia 夏扃.

16th Generation

Huang Gangzhong 黄刚中

17th Generation

Huang Long 黄龙

18th Generation

Huang Bi 黄毖

19th Generation

Huang Ying 黄应

20th Generation

Huang Zheng 黄正

21st Generation

Huang Bingzhi 黄秉志

22nd Generation

Huang Chang 黄畅

23rd Generation

Huang Liyuan 黄立渊

He was a "Dafu" 大夫 of the Xia dynasty 夏朝. He was disappointed with the debauched King. He resigned from his post and returned to the State of Huang. He later entrusted the State of Huang to his younger brother, Huang Lishen 黄立深, and went to Jingzhou 荆州 (Present-day Jingzho, Hubei province).

The descendants of Huang Lishen ruled the State of Huang until it was conquered by the State of Jin 晋国 in the early  "Spring and Autumn Period" 春秋时代 (770 BC - 476 BC).

24th Generation

Huang Shao 黄绍

He lived in the State of Huang.

25th Generation

Huang Yan 黄颜

He was "Ji Shu Chen" 计书臣 of King Yaoding of Shang Dynasty 商朝.

26th Generation

Huang Xiude 黄修德

He was the Prime Minister of King Yaoding of Shang.

27th Generation

Huang Yu 黄虞

28th Generation

Huang Yun 黄韵

29th Generation

Huang Juyuan 黄巨源

He was "Na Yan" 纳言 of King Taiwu of Shang.


Summarized and translated by Erik Huang (Ng Poh Sing)

Copyright Erik Huang (Ng Poh Sing) 2003-2006


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