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Rotating Globe In 1990 there was a unique cross-cultural exchange between native youths from Canada and Chile... this is our story. Rotating Globe

The 1990 Canadian Native Youth Delegation

1990 Canadian Youth Exchange
Top Row (l to r): Kelly Terbasket, Shelley Moses, Carol Thevarge, James Williams
Bottom Row (l to r): Robert Andrews, Barney Stirling, Lorne Strikes with a Gun, Carla Jacobs, Lily Rivers, Phillip Manuel

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Between July and December of 1990, CoDevelopment Canada and numerous other aboriginal organizations coordinated a unique cross-cultural exchange for native youths from Canada and Chile.

The South American Native Youth Exchange program brought together twenty native youths from B.C., Alberta and the Mapuche people of southern Chile. What transpired from this exchange program was that these twenty youth generated enough interest from each their respective communities, that for the ensuing 4 years - CoDevelopment Canada had subsequent Exchanges between the two countries and the indigenous peoples.

Between today, 17-Feb-2003, and October 2, 2000, our group will be trying to raise the support and approval to host a 10 Year Reunion.

First Peoples' in the New Millennium

This is truly a continuation of the unique program first introduced in 1990! Imagine - 10 Years Later, we the original delegates of over 40 Canadian Native Youths who've participated in the Chile-Canada Exchange, re-establishing a connection with the Mapuche People of Chile, South America.

Families and Communities who've shared 3 months of their lives with us, who provided intimate experiences of culture, religion and lifestyles. All this will once more be a re-awakening of human interaction. Over 15 Chilean communities have hosted gatherings and visits, some just 1 or 2 day visits while others were as long as 2-3 weeks in length. Over 50 organizations such as schools, churchs, political offices, co-op stores, radio & television and conferences have had our involvement in Chile. More than 50 percent of the Chilean land has had our Canadian feet walk on it. We want to return to all this and say to them - thank you for enriching our lives in such a way that we are better people because of it.

Mapuche Women

The Reunion

October 2, 2000 Marks the 10th Year Anniversary of the first Canadian Native Youth stepping on the soil of the Mapuche People's land. We wish to honor our Mapuche brothers and sisters by inviting the original 10 Mapuche Youth to return to Canada and on October 2, 2000 - step once more on our soil.

We hope to have the founding organization who created and coordinated this extraordinary program - CoDevelopment Canada - to once more take on the task of coordinating a program to compliment the 1990 Exchange. Alongside CoDevelopment Canada - several of our Canadian and Mapuche delegates will assist in planning a Reunion that will highlight the 1990 Program and as well, focus on the new Millennium - where do the First People's of the World fit in?

Communities and Organizations who were involved in 1990 will be contacted and where possible - visits will take place.

A Conference on Indigenous People's in the New Millennium will be held in a central location - leaders, youth, elders, and other keynote speakers will present innovative ideas and concepts. A paper will be drafted outlining Recommendations to both Countries - as expressed through this Conference..

An Official Alliance will be drafted to symbolize the unity and determination of Indigenous Peoples of our two great countries.

This Reunion Program will take place in both Countries - to honor all the people of both countries who've helped so much in making the 1990 Exchange such a success! Your support by signing our guestbook will help us in realizing this dream.


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From our small group, we thank you and hope that you come back soon~!

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