The new and improved "Mostly Rubber Powered Free Flight" page

Clockwise from the top left: Diel's Globe Swift, Herr Taylorcraft, Baxter Big Pussycat, Baxter XE-5, Peck Andreson BA4-B (with some loser), Herr Taylorcraft, Al Lidberg's NJAPF, Sig Mini-Maxer and (center) Peck Andreson BA4-B. I built all of these rubber band powered "free flight" airplanes and you can too.

Welcome to the long overdue update of my page. I have modified this index page to organize it better, and to give quicker access to the things you might want to read. Some of the old content is still accessible, especially the reviews of old planes I built. For some time I was able to keep the old page fresh with stuff I was working on. Well, sometimes I wasn't working on anything and even more often when I was working on something I didn't feel like updating pages that may or may not have interested folks. This time my focus will be to format the page to provide information for the many people who are interested in model airplanes, to give them a starting point. The various pages and links I will provide will be less dependant on what is gathering dust on my building board or smacking into the side of my house.

As indicated in the title, this page is primarily dedicated to providing information on rubber powered Free Flight. But since my interests vary, this page also leads you to things that aren't rubber powered and aren't free to wander about as they please. If you're not careful you may also be lead towards various rants aimed at giving my perspective on various aspects of the hobby.

Clicking on each main catagory below will take you to a page that gives more information about the catagory and then allow you to explore each of the different subjects. Optionally you can go directly to the subject that interests you most.

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