Hi...  I'm Shay and this will be my webpage to let everyone know how things are going during my transplant procedure.  I have been living with ALL (Acute Lymphoblasic Leukemia) since I was 4 1/2.  (I was 16 on 6/28)  It has come back 3 times, so the doctors have decided I need a bone marrow transplant to survive.
Shay Valerie Oldaker
My journey with bone marrow transplant
I live in Texas with my mom, Missy and my sister Cassie.  Cassie is 15.   She is in band in our high school and plays the flute *really* well.  She's also way taller than I am and thinks it's funny to hold things over my head and make me jump for them.  Grrrrr...

Mom is 37 (her birthday is the day after mine) and is great!  She is the one who gave us our love of reading.  She also is great on the computer and has learned  a *lot* about leukemia <G>. 
I love to read -- I read a lot of romance, but I am starting to get into the fantasy that my mom reads.  My favorite authors are Laurell K Hamilton, Janet Evanovich and lots of others.  I also like to play with my cats (BK, Kali and Roo) and pick on my mom and sister, Cassie. <G>
(Updated on clinic days unless something exciting happens...)

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