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The Tommy Bar in Pozières

 The owners : Mélanie and Dominque - Click to enlarge A selection of canons by the trench - Click to enlarge   

Complete address :
91 route d'Albert
80300 Pozieres


View a part of the trench - Click to enlarge The Tommy bar - Click to enlarge





Notre Dame de Lorette

lorette1.jpg (133091 octets) lorette2.jpg (136408 octets) lorette3.jpg (132031 octets) lorette4.jpg (133133 octets) lorette5.jpg (359365 octets) lorette6.jpg (333694 octets)

lorette7.jpg (265604 octets)

Notre Dame de Lorette
Ablain St Nazaire
62153 Souchez



Montauban by Graham Maddocks - Click to enlarge

Barry and his wife Sylvie.jpg - Click to enlarge

148 Days on the Somme by Barry Cuttell - Click to enlarge "148 Days on the Somme. 2nd July to 26th November 1916" - Click to enlarge "On day on the Somme" - Click to enlarge