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We have three rooms :

  • The first one is a twin bedroom on the ground floor

  • The second one is a double room on the first floor

  • The third one, also on the first floor, is a large family room which can comfortably cater for five people. The family bedroom is composed of one double room and another one with three single beds

All three rooms in the guest house are quiet and spacious and offer private facilities.

Our prices include continental breakfast. Alternatively, full English breakfast is available at an extra charge of three euros per person.

Bedroom 1 or 2 > 1 person________ 33 Euros per night
> 2 people________ 45 Euros per night
Bedroom 3 > 1 person________33 Euros per night
> 2 people________45 Euros per night
> 3 people________57 Euros per night
> 4 people________69 Euros per night
> 5 people________81 Euros per night

>To book, please, call or fax  : +33(0)322 850 247 

                                       Mobile : +33(0)611 180 509

>Email us at BERNAFAYWOOD@aol.com

Faxes and emails can be sent in English

>Our complete address :

Christine et Jean-Pierre Matte

55-57 Grande Rue

Bois bernafay

80300 Montauban de Picardie