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Schoolies 2000 was one of my favourite 'holidays' I've had so far. A large budget (well compared to what I'd normally spend on a holiday or going out or anything), a great hotel in a great location, one of the best reasons to celebrate (successfully finishing secondary school), with great mates, and thousands of other people in a similar situation all in one fantastic location!

Below is a copy of the actual journal I (as well as friends) wrote in while I was on the holiday. Some of it's boring, but some of it's pretty funny - and you may notice, it was written while I was there, sometimes while I was slightly out of it...


Schoolies 2000 Diary...

DAY 1 (Sat 2/12/00)


* Left Brad's place at 9am.

* Just after Maccas (Coffs Harbour) Brad yelled out the window to two chicks walking along the side of the road, "Why don't you fuck off!" And they jumped!!

* Made eye contact with 2 chicks in a big rent-a-van that we followed a fair way from Coffs - 'and we're not even in Woopi yet!'

* A BMW passed us three times (bastards!)

* Chay yelled out to a guy stopped at a roadworks traffic lights "Get back in your fucking car!" *lol* He did! (no questions asked!)

* Lunch at Maccas in Ballina - I had some chips & orange juice (note: Healthy! *lol* well, not really...) etc.- and Brad had 2 burgers.

* Brad's turn to drive from Ballina... (11.30am)

* Chay: "What the fuck is on your head!?!" to 2 cyclists wearing some sort of bizare helmet??

* I took back over driving from about Burleigh Heads. Drove around Surfers a bit and then checked into our hotel.

Brad & I (on our balcony)

Messages from friends:

BRAD: Schoolies fuckin rocks! I love Rach!! Cam, Brad & Chay

2/12/00 Words on "Schoolies" from C.McRae: "I would give my pancreous for some cunt/pussy right now..."

Surfers International - our hotelSURFERS INTERNATIONAL

* The hotel is bloody amazing! We checked in at 2:30pm - checked out the hotel & met a couple of our neighbours.

* Went around the mall/shops. Got some food etc. There's sooooo many ppl up here!

* Our motto for this week: "Look (only briefly! *lol*) but don't touch! We miss you Bec & Rach! (our girlfriends at home)

PAT: "Superheist were marvellous... There is much fluff and beverage! Patt"

Brad (having a cigar) & Cam* There's so many other schoolies ppl up here! We've just been hangin' on our balcony and there's a couple of dozen other ppl we've been talkin to.

* WE both wish like crazy our gorgeous girlfriends could be up here!

* Met some bitches that accused me of pissing in the spa just coz they wanted to use it! Note: Get revenge!

* The owner took them seriously and started telling me "It's pretty disgusting pissing in the spa... did you?" Those bitches deserve to be pissed on if u ask me!

* Cameron told us how he ran over Ben Kinning's Uncle the other day - Ben's uncle was crossing a crossing on his scooter/gopher and Cameron hit him & knocked him off it! *LMAO!*

* Brad had a cigar.

* Cam came over to our hotel, had a drink, etc.

Shihad* Daisycutters, Superheist, and Shihad - around 8.30pm.

* All three bands were awesome!! Especially Superheist! They are one of my fave bands lately! Met up with Pat, etc. down there.

* Oweeee! My ears are RINGING!

* Security guard caught me taking a Shihad poster that night while I was drunk (I had it stuffed up my shirt thinking I was being sneaky) -- he didn't care though but boy did I feel stupid *lol*.

* Found Brad asleep in his bed (alone) about 1am. I went to bed about 2am - had well over a dozen beers on my first night! I LOVE IT!

* Finished my 1st roll of film.

* It's 2am and the streets are more packed than ever!


DAY 2 (Sun 3-12-00)

View from our balcony* Woke up at 7am but then back to sleep till 8am. I feel so sore. My back is aching like crazy. My neck is sore. I got dropped about 3 times while crowd surfing and the floor is pretty hard!

* John & Cal came over, then them & Brad went to beach for quick swim, while I sat here and tried to recover.

* Yelling off balcony to ppl.

* Pool, spa, sauna, etc.

* Cruised around shops, etc.

* Sat around on balcony, etc.

* Got first roll of film developed ($13.95) and they did a pretty shit job too. I'm waiting till I get home to develop the rest. But I just needed to develop this one so I could have a photo of Bec, even though most of the ones of Bec didn't really come out :(

* Had a hard time trying to call our friends and a hard time trying to find out about scooter hire.

* Waving at ppl with our neighbours, over the balcony.

* 2PM - Me & Brad ate lots and drank during the day etc.

View from our balcony (if you look realllllllly closely - there's actually a topless chick sunbaking down there...)BRAD: Looking for shit to do. Cam, Cal, and Rootsy can get fucked. Our view is sick! We saw a topless chick! We can't hire scooters. There's some hot chicks here. It's 2pm and we're still drinking grog. Schoolies rocks!

* 5PM - Laser game with Brad, Cam, & John. I kicked arse (I think).

* Brad rang Rach. I tried ringing Bec, but no luck *sigh*.

* I'm in not quite as much pain as I was this morning. I've had a few aspro etc. and some more to drink. Been stretching, resting, as well as running around. So my back & neck are a tiny bit better but still sore.

* I wish Bec was here! I need a massage (heheh)

* DISCOVERY: Vodka doesn't freeze in the freezer, but it does form a strange pattern if u try to make ice cubes out of it...

* We spent heaps of time on our balcony. We have the best view! Just watching the cars, and beach, etc.

* There are so many unreal cars on the Gold Coast.

* Went down to the girls apartment underneath us.

* I got so drunk that night!

* Went over balcony.

* I drank lots of beer & vodka.

* Went for a walk down the street and down the beach by myself - I was so out of it!

* Brad panicks too much & stresses out too much. LOL


DAY 3 (Mon 4-12-00)

* Woke up hungover. I vomitted a tiny bit. Started feeling better pretty quick though.

* Went and got some food.

* Met up with John & Cameron.

* Bec rang and woke me up this morning :) I can't wait to see her again!

BRAD: Rootsey wanted sunscreen on his back - Cam said he'd do it but it'd have to be done inside so that nobody would see. *lol*

* Oh yeah, yesterday at time zone we won some tickets and got some sticky stretchy hand thingys - they rock :)

* Pool, spa, sauna, etc.

* Went for a swim at beach. It's soooo crowded - some good waves too. It's just like off baywatch.

* Went for a drive down to shops etc.

* Brad bought a Double Kick for his drums (took like an hour!)

* Drove down to John's place at Burleigh, then came back here.

* Found a note under our door from the girls below (1502). They're cool ppl.

* At the moment it's 6.10pm. I'm pretty tired and pretty sore. Still a tiny bit hungover. But I'm also hungry so time for food!

* 8PM - Had a good BBQ tea with a dozen or so other Schoolies ppl.

* Came back to our room - me brad cam and john - for some and many more drinks.

BRAD: Brad's first sauna!

* Rang Daniel. Rang Lauren. Asked her to come down here now. But she couldn't. Will probably see her Friday and same with Bec :)

* Gotta organise Wet n Wild tomorrow morning... A heap of us prolly going.


* 7-10AM - Felt seedy on balcony. Chay was fucking wrecked.

* 10AM - Got evolution tickets and found Rootsey at intercom.

* Waited for Cam & went to beach.

* Saw many glamorous women but none as sexy as Rach! (Brad is such a suck)

* Went back to spa & pool.

* Sauna after pool, then a shower and lunch. Saw another filth chick on the poolside from our balcony. Went to Ashmore to music shop - then to Southport to GC Music, and purchased a DK and got a side deal - sick!!!

* Had a BBQ and got a sick feed!


* 8.30PM - Talked to Bec, Alicia, Jill & Peter, and Rach for 2 secs. It was so good to talk to her (Bec) again! Can't wait till she comes up here!

* Thought of getting Bec a gift voucher at Coopers for some swimmers or something. But I don't wanna waste that much money on something she wouldn't like or use.

* I've gotta go get some more to drink and get back into party mode.

* Bec just told me something bad - I dunno what to do. Everything will work out good in the end I hope.

* Woohoo! We're surrounded by Metallica fans. Metallica concert on our balcony! :) [had metallica music crankin]

* Brad put a beer can infront of security camera in the main foyer - waited to see how long it took for someone to pick it up/get rid of it.

* BEER PYRAMID - 10PM - Beer cans have been there for 45 mins now. There are 5 of them now. We are getting more ppl from other rooms involved in the game! SICK!

* Cameron's idea: novelty beer can - 5 cans high...

* I successfully multiplied 375 x 5 in my head by myself while completely drunk (answer: 1875mL)

* 50 mins 57 secs - security guard took away our pile of 5 beers in the foyer.

* MIDNIGHT - "Eric growth jnr." - "Hello Pelican" - "dot." <-- the 'sock lad' aka 'carrot tops' to John.

* AHH YUCK! Some freak just came into our room, then put a sock on his dick & took his pants off - and he's just walkin around! AH SHIT! We finally got rid of him!

* Our weird neighbours: * Flexy (Craig) * Man-boobs (Simon) * Sock-on-cock (fucked up lad!!) * George 'with the ears'

* Right now there is a lad doin a little strip show infront of the [security] camera [in the hotel foyer].

* A few minutes ago a lad (manboobs) decided to have a bit of a play with himself infront of the camera. There are some fucked up ppl up here! *lol*

* The sock lad was telling us - more like bragging - about how he got in the shower with his mate and squirted shampoo up him! Arrggh!

* Right now we're all just sitting here mentally scared!

* I just threw my socks off the balcony (just in case they were my ones that he used!)

* I'm really starting to miss Bec - starting to feel almost like crying - it's good that I got the photo of her developed at least...

That's me on our balcony


DAY 4 (Tue 5-12-00)

* Got up before 8am with NO HANGOVER. (didn't drink quite as much last night & I started sobering up at about 11pm - coz I gotta do some driving up to Wet n Wild today.

* Brad has decided that Bec & Lauren will help us clean our room on Friday night. *lol*

* 5pm - Went to Wet n Wild for most of the day - me, Brad, Cam, John, Daniel Plasto, and the girls from down stairs.
It was pretty fun!
It was overcast half the time - in the wind, and being wet, and when there's no sun out, it gets pretty cold!!
We left about 3.30pm. Went back to Daniel's house for just a little while - I checked my email real quickly.

Me, and Loz behind me* Rang home coz I needed to get James to do some web site work for me and also need him to buy Bec a gift voucher for some swimmers - I really need to get that to her before she comes up - I'm running out of time for everything!

* We're back at our apartment to commence drinking - Brad is having some rum & coke.
I just stacked our 36 beers we have left in the fridge - a good range of VB, Tooheys New, and XXXX. I think Tooheys New is my fave out of them.

* Our food supply is still OK. I think we might need some more grog later in the week.
I think Brad said his money is running low too.

* But I still have $ left I think - and I get paid Thursday... Brad & Cam get paid tomorrow.


* 6.10pm - Brad
Brad wrote his name nice & big in the sand.

* John & I tidied up our hotel.

* I went hunting for me CD case - I've lost my wallet & stuff soooo many times & found them again! *lol* I'm hopeless. I left it on the counter at Wet n Wild, within 5 minutes of getting there!

* Bec & Alicia rang & Alicia tried telling me that Bec wasn't coming up - how mean is that!! - I nearly didn't know wot to do!! - stressin' out! - but then Bec told me she's coming up Thursday arvo so I'll see her Friday morning! Woohoo! =)

* Comments from Timmy: GET A BEER INTO YA!

* 9am the next day - What a night! We all got sooooo drunk!

* Started off with a few beers - we all felt a bit tipsy after like two beers so we proceeded to drink about 10-12 cans each anyway lol. I also drunk some vodka and stuff as well...

* Me, Brad, John & Cam hung around our hotel for a fair while - just chatting about chicks and stuff and getting drunk - watched a tiny bit of Seinfeld & listened to music as well...

Yes, that's Cameron with the bin lid on his head!* Cameron & John laughed for at least 2 minutes and couldn't get up coz they were laughin' too much.

* The girls from below came up here for a while before they went to dinner...
(that was before us 4 guys chatted for a couple of hours)

* I took Brad to the Evolution Dance party coz it was SICK! - I snuck him in coz it was 18+ only - it was hardsy to sneak him in - I'll have to try sneak him & Bec in on Friday night for the Whitlams.

* The dance party was unreal! The laser show was soooo good!

* Brad saw Timmy, Wadly, Marcus, Scott, Beno, Ez, Sarah, Noxy, Karla at the dance party and so did I.

* I saw Jaclyn & Karla outside when I went to get Brad some more rum & coke earlier - it's sick when you run into ppl you know like that...

* Brad & I both had mad time dancing around for ages down at the dance party. I'm a tiny bit sore now but it's all good.I kept coming back to our apartment to grab some beer to sneak into the club coz its so expensive in there. I just snuck it in in my pants - too easy! *lol*.

* Meanwhile the others were sitting around drinking and chatting with the girls from 1502.
So I hung there a while.

* Such a fun night!

* I went and wrote my name in the sand and I came back to our apartment & Brad, John & Cam have all gone to sleep!! So I went to bed just a little while before 4am too...

* Even though I got completely trashed last night, I don't feel too bad this morning - I think coz I drunk a heap of water before I headed off to bed last night

The girls from 1502 (downstairs from us)BRAD:


* Picked Rootsey up from Burleigh Heads

* Went to W'n'Wild.

* Saw some TANG chicks.

* Chay and Plasto lost my locker card.

* Both denied they even had it!

* Saw Red (camerons coz)

* Raved

* Met up with Dot, Kate, Vee, Erin, Naomi, and Leila.

* Went back to Plasto's and saw his HOT sister.

* Came back to the Hotel and hooked into the piss! (again)

* Had a sick time with the boys!!

* Found a way to get into the Palladium.

* Had the best time then saw a heap of school mates.

* Went to Dots, etc. rooms for chat.

* I fell asleep on their floor for about an hour.

* Showed Tim, Scott, Marcus our room.

* Went to sleep at bout 3 or 4.

* Cam & John stayed for a night

* Most smashed I've been all holidays


* Woke at 7 and went swim with Rootsey.
Sick surf!

* Saw the manager Ian (of our hotel) and he still thinks John and Cam are staying here.

* I started drinking at 8am and its now 10am. later, Brad.


* Something else I forgot to write about last night... MY TOILET PAPER MISSION - we'd run out of toilet paper so I went to grab some out of the public toilets at the club but the toilet rolls were in those sealed, locked, white metal dispensers...

* So.... I first ripped the dispenser off the wall, then smashed the lid open against the toilet door... I then grabbed two of the rolls & came back to our room... I went back to floor 15 first and tried throwing a toilet roll up into our balcony but it didn't make it - instead it fell 15 floors to the ground, unreveling as it went *lol*


DAY 5 (Wed 6-12-00)

* I slept in till like 9am. And didn't really have a hangover! How good is that! Coz I drunk sooo much last night!

* We're all having THE BEST time! We're definately doing this again next year!

* At the moment I'm up in my apartment by myself listening to some damn good music! (Superjesus, Garbage, Powderfinger, etc.)

* Cam & Brad went down to cook some steak. I've just been thinking about Bec & how good it'll be when she comes up here!

* Hopefully she'll let me buy her some swimmers! Otherwise it won't be as fun coz we won't be able to go to the beach, pool, spa, etc. =(

* Also, The Whitlams are playing on Friday night, along with George and Pretty Violet Stain - all 3 bands are sooo good! The problem is Bec will be up here then and she's not 18 yet *sigh*. But I've sussed it all out... it's hopefully not too hard to sneak her in! I just hope she goes along with it, etc. Seeing the Whitlams live & being with Bec would just be THE BEST!

* I love it up here! We're definately gonna have to do this again some time!

* I've also been thinking about Uni, next year, etc. And now it's swinning in favour of moving up Brissi way....

* The things holding me back from the though are money - a very major factor - and also Bec & all my friends - including Brad who reckons I should go to Southern Cross / live at home idea like he's doing...

* Hopefully if I did move Bec would be able to move as well - it'd be easier to find work as well up here. Ahh I can't decide! It's starting to stress me out coz I really have to make a big decision really soon!

* Brad wishes to say 'his steak tasted awesome'!

* 4pm - Just went to Pacific Fair for a shop/look around.

* Saw Kate Graham, Melissa, Jaclyn down there.

* Cameron wouldn't shutup about how sexy she (Kate) is... yelling out to chicks on the way home "You're hot, but you're no Kate Graham!" LOL

* When we got back to our apartment I found a note under our door from the girls in 1502 inviting us all to dinner tonight - free food!! =p


* Cameron's in his own little world (dreamin) with Kate. Get over it!

* Gotta clean up the place a bit coz we got an inspection tomorrow (thurs).


* We've figured out that we're all pretty trashed...

* Brad & I just had a nap for an hour or so, but we're still pretty tired... Our livers would have to be getting pretty tired too!

* We're going over to room 1502 for tea in half an hour - I can't believe they even remembered that I'm vegetarian! =)

* We don't know what's happened to John though, so I dunno if he is coming for the tea. Which is weird coz he said he was comin over 1 1/2 hrs ago!

* [in extremely drunken, messy handwriting...]
3am the next morning - Good free dinner at room 1502. Thankyou everyone!

* At the moment it is 3am and I am TRASHED! Everyone has gone home, Brad went to sleep hours ago... I've been clubbing all night by myself for a couple of hours...

* I want Bec here soooo much!

* I hope everything works out with Bec - forever....

* My head is ...*vomit*... spinning! - like a merry-go round... [yes I did actually vomit mid-sentence...]

* I just vomitted down the sink - the dance party finished at 1am - ...

* $4.50 per beer! - what a rip!

* John & I, etc. kept sneaking down drinks etc.

* I've sneaked soooooooooo-ooooooooooooomuch into that place... I *have* to get tickets at the door that night. ??

* [a bit more sober now...]
9.28am - After the dance party I wandered the streets and checked out the clubs - 'studio 54' or something.. - it was cool!

* It's now 9.30am on Thursday morning - and my head is still spinning!!!


* 7th, lunch -
Brad takes a huge bite into a bit of chicken only to discover it is still raw as a virgins hymen!!!

Yummm :)


DAY 6 (Thur 07-12-00)


* 2.30pm - I've had a pretty quiet day today - I was so drunk last night I forgot to go to bed - I crashed on the couch at like 4am so I've been pretty tired today & a little bit hungover.

* I'm really missing Bec & can't wait for her to be up here tomorrow morning!!!

* But something else I didn't expect as much... I'm starting to miss Alicia, Jill, Rach, and everyone else a fair bit as well...

* Today we went for a drive down to these sick rock pool / slide in the National Park in Corumbun or something...

* I had a quick nap when we got back & we've basically been doing a lot of just sitting around today. I don't want to be tired or anything tomorrow when Bec is up! We're gonna do lots of stuff & have so much fun!

* (well I hope so anyway!)

* 6.30pm - I think I forgot to write two other things that happened last night..
1. John & I, etc. were sneaking into the dance party all night and the security lad calls me over and asks me "Why do you's keep playing with the lift buttons - I've been watchin you and ur friend all night" *lol*
2. The other thing - I smashed one of our glasses last night so I went to the guys next door, grabbed a glass of water, put the glass in my pocket (after I drank it), and walked out and brought the glass back to our apartment to replace the broken one. lol

* Brad and I went for a drive earlier and took some photos of Surfers Paradise.

* Brad starting drawing the front cover of the schoolies diary...

* There's a little lightning outside & its starting to rain so I just hope it's nice weather tomorrow when Bec is up - it's been excellent weather all week - apart from the day we went to Wet 'n' Wild - but that was still good!

* It's almost 7pm and my stomach still isn't completely settled from the 'little bit' of drinking last night...
Last night I drank:
- probably about 400 mL of Vodka (~13 std drinks)
- 5 beers or so - maybe more (~8 std drinks)
- half a bottle of champagne (~4 std drinks)
- some illusion shakers that the girls made up (~3 std drinks)
- probably more that I can't remember having...
TOTAL: very roughly equivalent to 28+ std drinks (mixed beer, spirits, champagne) LOL eek!

* So I ended up having a pretty quiet night (tonight). I was in bed not long after midnight (completely sober too!)

* John, David, Hamish came up just for a little while.

* The girls came up for a little while - got all their email addresses...

* Then everyone went out to someone elses placefor a little party but I went to bed coz tomorrow will be the best day and I want to be awake enought to enjoy it!



* John got stabbed by 5 lebanese lads with a needle so I could have fucking anything! I could die tomorrow! FUCK THAT.



DAY 7 (Fri 08-12-00)


* Our final day at the hotel *sigh* - I'm gonna miss all the fun we've had! It's gone way too quick!

* 9.30am - I'm jsut sitting here waiting for Bec & Loz to call... I can't wait to see Bec again!!! I just hope she goes along with all the fun stuff I've got planned, and doesn't be stubborn - not letting me spend money on her, etc. I also hope I can get at least some time alone with her!

* Hurry up and call Bec!!

Loz, Brad, Bec, Me


[drunken writings about Rach after she broke up with him... (not included here)]


* Thanks for letting us stay.

* It's been a totally shagadelic time so far!!

* QLD Rocks (Don't ya think?!?)


To '1603' From the Syndey Girls (1502)

* Thanks for being our life savers, if you weren't in this building we would have been bored shitless.

* To CHAY - u r a sick bitch! hehe You are one of the funniest ppl we know.

* BRAD - u r a coolios
'true ay'

* JOHN - Good luck with ur job - u were pretty cool as well

* CAMERON - One word - 'dancing'


    - Man boobs

    - Sock-on-a-cock

    - Beer pyramid

    - Sexy flexi

    - Wet'n'wild

    - Evolution

    - Stealing of furniture etc.

    - "hey" "aye" "true"

    - Surveillence channel

    - Security & Ian

    - Black dot

    - Shoeless Chay

From Dotti, Leila, Vee, Nomi, Erin + Kate

* Guys good luck with HSC Results + if we are ever in Coffs you can be our personal guides of the Big Banana + pot plantations! Thanks =) @->-->--



* Picked up Bec & Loz from train station in Robina in morning & went back to our hotel in surfers...

* It was so good to see Bec again! But she kinda ignored me for a bit the first little while but after that it was all good =). All of us walked around Pacific Fair looking for loz's shoes for like 2 hrs!! But it was just good being with Bec - more than good... Lauren didn't bring her swimmers so we couldn't go spa, beach, pool, etc. (THANKS! PFFFT!)

* Brad was soooo trashed when we were shoppin - his head was spinnin. Anyway we went back to our apartment & had various ppl over...

* I eventually talked Bec into coming with me to The Whitlams - I missed the 1st band (Pretty Violet Stain) though *sobb*.

* But George & Whitlams were good! We left early though then pretty much went to bed coz Bec was really tired coz her & Loz stayed up last night! (THANKS AGAIN!! HMMPFF!)

* It's so hard getting time alone with Bec!


DAY 8 (Sat 09-12-00)

* Got up fairly early & gave the place a good tidy & said quick goodbyes to room 1502, then signed out & paid our $40 phone bill for the week...

* Drove up to Brisbane to Loz's house so the girls could shower.

* Did they take very long???

* Loz's dad told us to tell Loz something as he left but we didn't hear what he said and just said 'yep' (it was funny at the time...)


[letter to Chay from Bec - not included]


Tower of Terror at DreamworldDREAMWORLD


* Dreamworld was mad! We all had the best time & went on heaps of rides! Coz there weren't many ppl there.

* Bec went on the mine ride too many times & we lost them near the end but found them outside (after looking everywhere).

* Best ride (Chay & Brad):
Best ride (Bec):

* Bec wouldn't go on the Giant Drop, but we are all proud of her for going on Tower Of Terror.

* Went into the city that night...

* Went to the Hilton walked around the streets - I had a one way conversation with a snobby bitch in the lift.

* Went to Southbank - beach/pool in the middle of the city! I was impressed(we didn't go swimming though)

* The next morning (girls took 2 hrs to get ready..) we went back out to city - went around markets.

* Went shoppin.

* Girls left us on our own for a few hours - *fun* NOT.

* Went back to Loz's.

* Got Icecream.

* Played cards - laughed lots.


DAY 9 (Sun 10-12-00)

* Drove home - I drove most of the way & we made good time.


* Total spending money (entertainment, drinks, petrol, food, other): aprox $550 + accomodation costs.




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