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Basic Profile...


Chay Neal




Male Male


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


animals, animal rights, companion animals
music (listening/watching)
computers, internet & web design

I am:

Vegan; honest; open-minded; non-religious; passionate; curious; Non-smoker...    (well except when really drunk... :p).



My Top 10's

Music groups:


Powderfinger, Garbage, The Whitlams, Alex Lloyd, The Smashing Pumpkins, U2, The Superjesus, Ash, Ammonia, Metallica See more


Things that piss me off:


1. Killing & abusing animals,
2. People [Particular people who are: cruel, dishonest, bad/v.slow drivers, heartless, ignorant, mean, narrow-minded, politicians, selfish, stupid, unreasonable people - particularly police, security, politicians & people in power in general.
3. Lies, misinformation & propaganda - particularly from large companies & governments
4. Censorship
5. Spam & other irresponsible forms of advertising
6. Not being heard / being ignored / not being noticed / not mattering at all
7. Uncertainty / trying to make big decisions
8. Laziness - knowing u have to do uni or other work but really suffering from motivation!
9. Being in debt / not having enough money for anything
10. Cockroaches; lice; leaches; fleas; ticks; mosquitoes




Beam & coke; Rum & coke; Tooheys New; Bourban & coke; Cougar & coke; Black sambuka; Vodka & creamy soda; Vodka & orange; A nice red wine; Jelly bean



The Matrix, Fight Club, Gone in 60 seconds, The Fast and the furious, Terminator II, The Game, The 6th Day, Planet of the Apes, The Bank, Minority Report




"Things" I love


My sister & my dad


One of my best friends - Buster


Mark, Brad, & Leash at my 19th party


Garbage @ Big Day Out 2002


Triple J (radio station)

* Friends (both online & r/l)

* Other nice people

* Animals - especially Buster who I miss lots now that I live 500 kms away!

* Listening to Music

* Driving & hot cars

* Challenges, action, adventure, excitement, surprises, perfection

* Nice vegan food

* Computers & the Internet

* Chatting on the net & meeting wonderful ppl

* Live music

* CDs & MP3s

* Web Design

* 'Going out', drinking, parties/clubs

* Reading emails (except junk-mail / spam!!), especially good ones from friends or interesting ones from new people

* Beach, summer, sun, swimming, spa & pool

* Having & spending money

* Triple J

* Reading, browsing the internet, researching & learning, trying to find the truth

* Originality, artisticness, non-mainstream

* Dreaming

* Hoping & wishing


Some Special Friends... All these people have played an important part in my life and mean a lot to me!

Thank you all for being so cool :)



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