Community Health Management Systems of Pennsylvania, Inc.




Community Health Management Systems of Pennsylvania, Inc. is an organization that seeks to succeed in the area of the dissemination of culture specific health education to underserved communities.


Our goal is to share culture specific health care information with underserved populations and organizations that are in need of culture specific health care education.


Community Health Management Systems of Pennsylvania Inc. was officially formed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on March 12, 2001.



We Exist Because.....

An issue that is researched repeatedly, but seems to go unresolved completely, is the access to health care issue.  Academics have begged the question yet, when given the answer, have done very little in terms of making long lasting contact with specific groups that endure this problem.

CHMS of PA is here to bridge the gap.

So often, we find that during the course of  health care intervention, the root cause of the problem is not addressed. Time constraints, finances, and numerous barriers create an environment for the use of the "band-aid" approach to address health care problems for underserved populations. 

We realize that the use of this method will never yield healthy individuals. We believe that in order for healing to begin, the entire person must be addressed.

Using Systems Theory, Community Health Management Systems of Pennsylvania, Inc., via the internet and real time seminars and presentations, will present our community with culture specific and general health care information. 


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