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Founder's Message

One Struggle, One Fight,  One Peace , One Love.

First, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to come to this website. You didn't have to. There are so many things you could be doing at this moment, but you chose to visit. It's appreciated. 

As we live day by day, we sometimes get bogged down with the act of living. We worry about our families, our friends, our jobs, and because of recent events, we worry more  about the world around us.

It's time to stop and take notice of where we are as individuals and as a collective. Take a moment and ask yourself, "Am I doing what I want to do, right now?" Am I doing all I can in my personal and professional life to edify my life so that I can edify those around me?" If the answer is no, then you have taken the first step to moving toward personal satisfaction. 

This isn't a pep talk or a motivational piece. This is simply a reminder. 


As the descendants of African Slaves in America, we are faced with many situations that can cause us to be stressed and may eventually cause disease. It is high time that we break the cycle of being disconnected from our past on a spiritual level. It's time for an awakening of the mind, body, and spirit for the purpose of strengthening the collective. It's time for us to get back to front and realize that, like it or not, we are standing on the shoulders of our ancestors.


Right now, occupying this space in time, we, the first hue-mans, are the only reason why our ancestors existed at all. Let's take advantage of this opportunity to do what we can, while we can, to learn about "our-story" prior to, during, and after the calamity of slavery in America. We have the ability to know those things that will take us "back into the future" toward an African Centered Peace, Harmony and Love.


In all things..."Don't lose your head.."


Yours in The Struggle,



*Art: A.D. Bell.




Gye Nyame - (Except God) Symbol of the Omnipotence of God: Proverb: This Great Panorama of creation dates back to time immemorial, no one lives who saw its beginning, no one will live to see its end, Except God



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