We Got a CD out! It's Called "Don't Stop Now." It was recorded In February 1998 at Mindtree Studios in South Boston, MA buy a kickass dude named Chris Adler. Here's what the cover looks like:

The Picture was done buy a friend of ours named Gabe Crate who happens to be an artist for the Tick, as well as the Guitarist/vocalist from the Pluto Gang, not to mention a former bassist of ours. He's also crazy!

We paid for most of the CD ourselves but we had a lot of Financial help from /Fernando Pinto from the Tune Inn and Elevator Music, as well as Our friend, Freyja Thayer.

We've been through quite a few lineup changes since we recorded. Here was the lineup was that weekend in February:

JOSH HANNON - vocals
CALEB CUTLER - bass (left to join the Allstonians)
MIKE CABLE - tenor sax
CHRIS ESKOLA - trombone (now the one and only bass player)
JOSH BUTLER - alto sax (moved to Maine)
OPPY - trumpet (left to persue solo project called Chris Opperman & the Random Factor. Chris Eskola plays trombone on it.)

This is the track lineup for the disk:

If you wanna hear some of it, click here

We love to have a good time, we are the fun, we drink cheap wine.
We may not play with others well, but we're sure gonna raise some hell.
Drinking brew into the night, getting ready for our next fight.
We may be sharp, we may be flat, but we don't care and that is that.

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