The Boston based, Connecticut grown band, Choke Puppy, has brought it's unique blend of hardcore, punk, and ska to the masses for nearly five years. The band's energetic mix of these styles offers something for everybody. It's sure to get the hardest hardcore kid, the rudest rudeboy, and even the punkest punk-rocker moving.

The Band's past includes a southern tour in 1995, a spot on the Vans' Warped Tour's local stage in 1996, The Warped Tour again in 1998 on the second stage, an award as winner of the "Ultimate Battle of the Bands" in 1997, a finalist in Radio 104's "Modern Rock Wars" in 1997, the release of one EP, a full length cassette, a full length CD and a bunce of appearences on punk, ska, and hardcore compilations.

Choke Puppy has shared the stage with many great bands over the years. Here is a "short" list of some of them: Murphey's Law, NOFX, The Toasters, The Mighty - Mighty Bosstones, Spring Heeled Jack (USA), Bad Religion, Face to Face, Handsome, 88 Fingers Louie, Rancid, Civ, The Aquabats, Hatebreed, The Cherry Poppin Daddies, Unwritten Law, Sprung Monkey, Shooty'z Groove, Good Riddance, U.S. Bombs, All, Ozomatli, The Dance Hall Crashers, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Fishbone, and the Amazing Crowns.

As if that list wasn't long enough, here are some other bands on the local level that we've shared the stage with: Special 79, Ignite, Big Mistake, Ska Hum Bug, Johnny Too Bad and the Strikeouts, Dismay, Racketball, Pestilence, The Mad Caddies, Ground Zero, Sgt. Skagnetti, Spicy Gribblets, The Pist, Skif Dank, The Boils, L.E.S. Stitches, The Snappers, Eastside, Forced Fed, The Injections, P.O.Y., Skully's Downfall, The Everlasting Fruit Brothers, J.C. Superska, Chellovic 4, Sticker, Demon Speed, Pluto Gang, Fryalators, The Smooths, Voice of Reason, Vomit Punx, Endless, The Peeweas, Psychotic Larry, Chillum, Disowned, Paco, R.E.O. Speeddealer, Libertine, Kitty Baddass, and the Mugwams. (stop to catch breath!)

1) 1998 - "Don't Stop Now" - CD full length -
Puppy Puddle rec. / Pressed and Distributed by Elevator Music
a full album of swingin' - kickin' -hardcore, infectious punk, and smooth ska.

2) 1996 - "Westside" - EP length cassette -
Puppy Puddle rec.
short and sweet, contains the debut of the alcoholic-hardcore anthem, "Minor Authority."

3) 1995 - "Buddy" - full length live cassette -
Puppy Puddle rec.
the CT Ska/Punk rocker's debut release -live from the Beanery in Fairfield, CT

4) 1998 - "The Best Bands You'll Ever Hate" - CD compilation -
Aesbestos rec.
features "You Suck" from the EP "Westside."

5) 1997 - "Welcome to Skannecticut" - CD compilation -
Elevator Music
features "Lisa" and "Westside" from the EP "Westside."

6) 1996 - "Strength Through Diversity" - CD compilation -
Up Front rec.
features"Minor Authority" from the EP "Westside."

In the works for Choke Puppy: Compilations, Compilations, Compilations, radio appearences, zine reviews, tons of shows, the release of the "Grandma Hardcore" seven inch, and a U.S. tour in the summer of 1999.

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