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I am living and "working" (quotations need no explanation for those who know me and my situation) in Japan on the Japan Exchange and Teaching program. As I have loads of free time each day, I thought it would be a good idea to try and teach myself some useful skills, hence this crack at learning how to design a web page.

   So, I hope that you enjoy this little slice of my life! Follow these links for information on:
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This site last updated on Mar. 12, 2002
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As this is my first ever web page,
things will be pretty simple for a while.  However, I hope to improve things as I go, and maybe even learn to create my own styles through HTML myself, instead of relying on this "automatic page" stuff. 
I hope that this page will provide me with a forum to keep up-to-date with all those who are interested in my adventures 3,000 miles away from home.
March 12, 2002 -
Wow, you'd think I was making this "updating" thing a regular occurance or something...  Check out some really old Skiing pictures, or how about a few from Kristin's Suprise Birthday Party?

February 26, 2002 -
Lookie here!  Almost a year after the trip, I finally have pictures from Thailand.  Also, check out our roadtrip pics, as well as those from our trip to Kyoto last spring...

January 31, 2002 -
Still workin' away with this new scanner.  Check out these pictures from the Party at Jun's House, even though they're from last year...
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The JET Program in Miyagi Prefecture

Life in Miyagi Prefecture and Furukawa city

My School - Furukawa HS

My friends

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Please remember to CHECK BACK frequently This site is constantly being revised and updated. 

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