The cats meow!

My page is going to be about cats. I will have cat facts, and info, and quotes, and everything else you would like to see about cats. I hope to be done with this page shortly. Please put anything about cats that you would like on the page in the guestbook. Make sure it is appropriate though. I have finished my page of the cat's mind. I also have some new pages done. One of them is a cat age chart which helps you to figure out your cats age in human years. The other one contains cat tips. I've made a few changes with the site. I'm going to be adding pictures to the site. The pictures will be of my cats. I'm also going to make a site about the person who made the page me. I have created a page for my favorite links now. Check it out.

This is a page that I thought was really sad but it makes you think. I hope you will read it when you get a chance. I moved the cat poll it can now be found here. The page seemed to be a little to cluttered with it on there. My husband wrote a poem and wanted people to be able to read it so here it is.

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