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Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season.
Rudy is checking out the Christmas Tree
A Christmas story...
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Barbara works and production and does Film Research and Clearance on various film and television projects.  Some recent projects include:

"Why We Laugh" and "Sergio" two documentaries selected for the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.  Congrats to the filmmakers!!

"Stand Up to Cancer" 3 network special that aired in September.

"Grammy Museum" exhibit films "Roots" and "Pop"

Also check out...
"Saturday Night Live 4th Season" on DVD

And from my deep files, I bring you another photo taken at the Academy Awards....
The lovely Liza at the Oscars the night she won for "Cabaret", one of my favorite photos I was lucky to be able to take.
Here are some other photos of mine, enjoy.
No it's not magic, the rock is not floating on top of the water.  The birdbath froze.  For Los Angeles that's cold!
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Mmmmm, pollen
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