O'siyo   Welcome
I would like to thank OneQuietMan for the gift of this image.  Wado, my friend.
Come in and leave your pains and worries outside. This is a place for you to retreat for a few moments from the hectic pace we seem to set ourselves.  A place where the Spirit within may drink or possibly just a time for return of your smile and lifting of the Spirit.
We all have mountains in our lives to surmount. For some it is a daily battle, for others a rare occasion.  I was gifted wth the name Cloudwalker  for several reasons, my favorite is because being  on top of the clouds the view is so much clearer. Journeying upwards may at times be long and slow, but the exceptional view from the peak is always worth the climb.
Whatever the reason your journey has brought you here, may Grandfather touch your heart and watch over you when you resume your daily path. The following links will be added to over time. The poetry is mine, with much help and encouragement from friends.  Please feel free to drop me a line anytime.
Cloud's Page
Spirit Heart
Night Ride
Native Wisdom
Morning Fog
Tara Ipo
Powwow Gathering
Soul Walk
Maui Surf
There are many friends that I call family that I would like to thank for their love and support. I thank you and the Creator for sharing yourselves with me.  For everything there is a reason, we just don't always know why, and at times we don't want too.  You have all left heartprints upon my heart and spirit. May you walk your journey in happiness, peace and oneness in all. Aho.
Please remember to return and sign my guestbook, your words and thoughts are appreciated. Until our paths again cross, may the Creator keep you and those with whom you share your heart and home safe.
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