Modular Hood
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Modular Hood
 This modular hood simply snaps onto the filter holder by pressing on the upper and lower faces. For telephoto lenses you can add additional Cokin Modular Hoods by clipping them into the first one (see photo below). The hood (255) is necessary in order to use certain Cokin filters and accessories : The Prism (219), Mirage (220), Coupling Ring (308) and Colored Diffusers (082).

What is vignetting ? How to avoid it when using filters ?
Vignetting can be caused by any extension in the front of the lens (filter, lens shade, etc...) and may result in producing black edges on the picture. Consequently, you must check that any accessory put onto the lens is large enough so that it does not appear in the angle of vision. For example, when using the COKIN CREATIVE FILTER SYSTEM, if the filter size of your wide-angle lens is Ø62 mm, you should go for the «P» Series, much larger, despite the fact that the «A» holder could physically fit this Ø62mm lens.

Modifying a Cokin Holder
Unmodified Cokin P holders have a tendency to vignette on wide angle lenses (i.e., their front edges appear in the angle of view). That's because they have three slots, and that front slot is a long way from the front element of the lens. To "fix" this problem, buy an extra holder and modify it:
Make a cut through the middle of the second slot on each side of the holder. Discard the portions you cut off.
Sand the remaining edge that sticks up on each side so that it is "flat" with the front of the first slot's holder. (See photo, below)

Modular Bellows

 The COKIN Modular Bellows is a unique, flexible and self-supporting lens shade which can fit almost any camera available thanks to a COKIN Adaptor Ring. The bellows provides excellent control over the ambient light conditions, it also cuts the glare out for clean and sharp images. An integrated COKIN Filter-Holder is solidly fixed at the rear end of every bellows. They are not cheep either.

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