Birthday: 2nd December, 1987
Location: Vancouver, Canada

Colleen was 5 years old when she became interested in acting. She took acting classes at Carole Tarlington's Youth Theatre because a friend in Tarlington's suggested that she should try acting. Since then she has been in many movies and TV shows. She's had a recurring role in Poltergeist: The Legacy and guest-starred in several episodes of Stargate: SG-1 and The Outer Limits. She's also played a main role in a CBS TV series called These Arms of Mine. Colleen has worked with many famous actors and actresses like Bruce Willis (The Story of Us) and Rachael Leigh Cook (Carpool). Her work has even taken her to Ireland (Marie Curie). Colleen once said about her acting that, "I like meeting people. I like the pride of finishing a job and knowing you did the best you could. I like the responsibility. You know, I can't tell you how much pleasure I get from all this. I think it's something I'm going to do for a long time, because I just love it."

Her favourite actresses are Anna Paquin and Christina Ricci. In addition to acting, Colleen also loves singing, which got her a role in Loyal Opposition.

Colleen has won a Gemini Award for A Feeling Called Glory and been nominated for another for These Arms of Mine. Minnie Driver (whose character Colleen played at a younger age in Beautiful) said about Colleen, "She has a real kick-ass quality you don't often see in a 12-year-old."


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11 May 2004

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