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CHECK THIS OUT!! - spicing up your site - Live background viewer...
this is a really cool effect that stimulates user inter-action with their surfing experience... u know, customising!! ...and who doesn't like feeling at home with your own preferences???

what happens is that when the page loads initially, there is a default background image & if you want 2 check what the page looks like with a different background image, you CAN!! - All you need 2 do is 2 point your mouse at the desired image below and left-click on it... sometimes with slow internet connections it might take a while, so b patient if its not an instant result & your choice will load automatically as the new background!!

and as i learn more 'bout user inter-activity, i'll expand the list of preferences that you can change 2 create your own look & feel 2 completely optimise your surfing experience... so, mail me your comments/suggestions/complaints (at or & come back 2 feel the difference...


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