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Luv of Wizdum!
aka our confused Philosophy Department :

Major Essays and Dialogues
Minor Essays & Articles
Dialogues in Philosophy
cybrwurm the answers man

The Art of Interpretation :

What is Hermeneutics?  /  ... with:
The Interpreter-Fix Is In! / Man: The Interpreting Animal (+1)
... and:  /  The Enemy Within!
Introduction to Post-Modern Hermeneutics
The Primer on Mo-Hermeneutics
Issues in Modern Christology
God talking in NT  /  Is Jesus Like God?
Fools for Christ  /  Da big Picture

Miscellaneous Stuff Department :

Sophia Bits & Bytes
History Department
Pot-Page Polemics

Luv of Wizdum!

Major Essays and Dialogues:

- Or: Beyond Reasonable Doubt -
- Or: On De-Constructing the Prevailing Philosophical Paradigm -

Why Art is Necessary to Philosophy

Weird-Science! What is Wisdomology?
+ Re: Existentialism

Sophiology & History:
on what books can do / the two ways of faith
an outpouring of prophets / why some men are philosophers
on biting the hand that feeds
how written-language emerged / on being misty and worthy

universal-church claims to be prophetic


Philosophy in Chains!
Philosophy in MORE Chains! / Freedom the Goal & the Method!
Climbing Wittgenstein's Ladder / Long Vision vs Short Vision (2)
Observing Galileo's Moon / Resistence is NOT Futile!

Can Philosophy be of Any Value to Big Business?
Re: Can Philosophy be of Any Value to Big Business? (+1)
Here be Dragons! / On Copious Socratic Surprises / On Being Above the Law

Some Defects in Russell's Teaching
Re: Some Defects in Russell's Teaching / Buddhism for Believers
Re: Some Defects in Russell's Teaching / More Stuff On the Impossibility of Free-Will
On How Philosophy & History Converge  (+1)

Minor Essays & Articles:

Philosophy As Noble Obsession / The 2 Ways to Study Philosophy
Death & Rebirth of Philosophy / Democracy In Action
Why War is Hell / Why the Writer Writeth Not


On the Radical Essence of Truth / On Explosions and Such
The Kingdom of King Klang / What Face of Evil?
Dead man talking / Is Lord Russell a Prophet?
Canadian Beauty / Most Urgent Problem / The Scarface Outsider


Dialogues in Philosophy:

Review of 'End of Faith' ... with:
The Only Way Out!  /  On Puny-Little-Animals

relativism, realism, and pragmatism:
Re: moral relativism and stuff
Re: the morality of extreme wealth
Re: High-powered telescope

 Re: the real choice


On Reason & Faith (2)  /  Moses verses Jesus (8)

In Defense of the Mind / On Philosophers & Theologians (7)

A Very Extended Dialogue / Re: Philosophy of Boredom!
The Three Principles of Economics (3) / Re: Why cant females think? (2)

Re: Agnostics are pussies / Re: Define Quality [4]

Science's Favorite Ho / Why Academic Philosophy SUX!
Philosophy as the Religion of the Rational Man

Before Anything Else (+1) / someone blew it ...

 Re: Why philosophy limits our thoughts


cybrwurm the answers man:

Miscellaneous Answers 06:

do u think i can do jail time for telling the truth?
Why has no one stood up to Bush yet? / ... or that I was just unaware???
... suppress my emotions for a brief period of time?
Which religion ... makes the most sense? / How about the contractualist?
comments on the Urantia Book? /  significance of drugs in philosophy?
nothing you can do to change things? / wandering in philosophy section?

Short Philosophy Answers 06:

Who gave the following definition of TRUTH? / What is something you must do before you die?
Are black people in africa more evolved than us? / If you were given $1000
particular lifestyle ... that produces best happiness? / Is time a lie?
who at one point felt Descartes was right? / Why do people write long smartie answers?
What represents freedom to you? / What is one's purpose in life?
Mill mean by enlighted utilitarianism?

Long Philosophy Answers 06:

Is religion logical? / Do you think humans are innately good?
Does Descartes achieve his goal with the cogito? / Herakleitos wrote war is the king
 What is PHilosophy? / structues of human consciousness / Most overrated philosopher?

Philosophy Answers 07:

Is Western Philosophy a Failure?
only have one book for as long as you live?
describe what you think is a philosopher?
most important [thing] in life?
trying to find a purpose to be here?
Religion vs Philosophy?
question about philosophy in Greece!?
What philosopher strove to live without any possessions

Miscellaneous Answers 07:

A man is what he thinks about all day long
How to Have a Successful Life?
Why were we created?

Miscellaneous Stuff Department


Sophia Bits & Bytes :

A Note on Logic / On the Priority of Meaning
Who are the true heroes? / NOT the worst! / Thin Red Line
The 3 Pillars / On Influencing Others
The Natural Order of Things / Knowledge is Power
Definitions: Passion / Philosophers Song
The Law of Freedom / More Hellish Proverbs
The Mind in the Heart? / On the Priority of the Idea
What is Deconstruction? / Philosophy of Beatles
Philosophy of Einstein / Benedetto Croce and GWF Hegel
Definitions: Philo-Stone / Land of Rene
The Importance of Style Over Content
wisdom half-polished / On Judging & Not
True wisdom allows for amazement / On Authenticity
Free for the Future / Path of Wisdom / Age Old Riddle Solved?
On Closing Doors  /  all outsiders welcomed here!
The Philosopher-Colonel  / Is Man the Measure?
Philosophy of Batman / On the Meaninglessness of Life
When Sophia Takes Over / Re: The language of philosophy
On the True Nature of Doubt / A Curious Convergence?
Best Definition of Existentialism / A Very Messy Business
Don Quixote Who?  /  Where Revolution Begins

Heraclitus k Philosopher at Work!

History Department :

Minor Essays:
How the War for the World was Won

Major Dialoguess:
Re: History [#1]  / More Stuff on Tut
Fire & Stone First ... Then What? / Reason Older than Man

History Answers:

Egyptian civilization is second to none?
Does history repeat itself? / What is the dialectical process?
Do historians lie? / Who Was The First SIGNIFICANT Person?
Who and/or What was Thomas Jefferson?


The First Prophet


Pot-Page Polemics

The Farcical War on Drugs (+1) / Judges Rule: PARLIAMENT is GOD!
Flaws in the Preamble / Who Bears the Greatest Responsibility?
Why pot? Why Not? (3) / Who the Real Villians Are
Teens easily addicted to marijuana (3)
Praise, flak for NDP pot resolution / On Breaking the Law
On Beating the System / On the True Nature of Government [3]

Philosophy is ...
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