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Dunvegan Castle is a picturesque structure located on the Isle of Skye off the western coast of Scotland.  The castle is the ancestral home of the clan MacLeod.  Perhaps this is the same clan that Connor MacLeod was supposed to belong to in the movie Highlander.  My wife and I visited the castle in 1991 while vacationing in Scotland.  The castle is beautiful both inside and out as it is still a functioning residence. The interior rooms are lavishly furnished and there are well maintained gardens on the property.  Dunvegan castle houses a mysterious "fairy flag" that was given to the MacLeods centuries ago.  Apparently the flag can be called upon to grant three wishes to the clan. It has been used twice by the clan to gain victory in battle.   Another interesting aspect to the castle is a large seal colony nearby.  You can take a short boat ride from the castle to see the seals in their native habitat. Dunvegan Castle and the Isle of Skye are definitely worth visiting if you are travelling along the western coast of Scotland.  The scenery is incredible, even if the weather is a bit extreme and unpredictable at times. It can be sunny one minute and rain the next.