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    The finswimming sport club DARNITSA was founded in 1971 by a group of people. First ones called the Sport Technical Club for Children and Youth. Multiple World Champion and record-holder Georgiy Uspenskiy became the main coach.

    23 sportsmen of our club became the Worldrecord-holders as well as theirs coach. Such names as A.Nosow, O.Strelkov, N.Grevenko, O.Kostenko, I.Zholobova, A.Grechihina, L.Nosova, S. Uspenskaya , I.Shidlovska, G.Syssoev, A.Smirnov famous on territory of Commonwealth of Independent States and World finswimmings on the whole.

     We were the first in the World who began to swim all distances from 50m to 1500m in monofins and in 1973 our club gained success on the USSR Championships. In 1979 we won the USSR Cup. In 1980 6 our sportsmen were taken to the national team of the USSR and on the World Championships in Bolognia, France most of our sportsmen were the best. Many times Georgiy Uspensky was recognized as the best coach of the USSR.

    After breakdown of the USSR our club became the main club for the National team of Ukraine. Having a big financial problems our sportsmen stayed the strongest and succesed on the World and European Championships.

    1993 On the European Championships in Moscow our sportsmen got 2 gold, 13 silver and 8 bronze medals.

    1994 World Long Distance Championships - Tatyana Nitchiporenko became the winner, Oxana Voskonyan was the second and with Alla Skovorinska they won a relay. On the Youth European Championships Yulia Uspenska got 3 gold medals, Tatyana Nitchiporenko - 1 gold, and also from that Championships our sportsmen brought home 13 silver and 5 bronze medals.

    1995 Our women won the European Cup in France, the European Long Distance Cup in Chech Republic. On the World Youth Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia our sportsmen got 13 silver and 8 bronze medals.The team Darnitsa won 3 parts of the InterLeague.

    1996 On the Eropean Cup in Ravenna, Italy Yulia Uspenska was the 1 on the 400m IS women, and women team Darnitsa took the 3 place. On the European Youth Championships Andrey Borodkin got 6 gold medals with new European Record on 100m IS, Yulia Uspenska - 5 gold with new European Record on 800m IS, Tatyana Nitchiporenko - 1 gold and also 13 silver and 5 bronze medals. Team Darnitsa won 3 parts of the InterLeague.

    1997 Victory on the European Cup in Berlin, Germany(gold medals: women and men relays, 800m FS - Yulia Uspenska). European Championships in France - 5 silver and 1 bronze medals and also new World girls Record on 1500m FS - Yulia Uspenska. On the World Youth Championships in Balatonfuzfo, Hungary Yulia Uspenska got 1 gold and 2 silver medals, Yevgeniy Burlatchenko - 1 bronze medal.

Y.Uspenska, N.Chekodanova, O.Voskonyan, T.Nitchiporenko A.Skovorinska

     1999 Yulia Uspenska won 800m IS on the European Championships in Athens, Greece

     2000 On the European Long Distance Championships in Toula, Russia Moroz Maxim got 2 gold medals. On the European Youth Championships Moroz Maxim got 1 silver medal. Yulia Uspenska took 3 place on the World Championships in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

    Now there are 6 coaches and more than 150 finswimmers in our club. We have 50m and 25m indoor pools for training needs.

P.S. Sorry for terrible English we used here.

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