You've made a difference in my life

open dedication to the members of the band Poison...
you have made a profound difference in my life,
and once and for all, I'm telling the world.


Who You are Makes a Difference

You guys have made a tremendous difference in my life. Truly a profound impact, beyond making me want to name a child after you or something like that. I can honestly say that I would not be alive were it not for you. I wanted to let it be known to the world just how profoundly you have impacted my life, and just how much I owe and love you guys.

As a group, you have in the past decade brought to my life happiness, light, and often a will to live. In times of my deepest despair, you touched my heart where no one else could reach and cleansed away all of the hatred and sorrow I held inside me. Like an angel, you were there whenever I needed you. I cannot tell you the number of times that I have had a razor to my wrists... or throat and full intentions of doing myself in. But somehow you always managed to intervene: a song on the radio of a passing car, someone humming as they walked past my window... there was always some incarnation of you to bring me to my senses. You've always managed to bring me back from the ledge I was balanced on, sometimes literally. When there was nothing but darkness in my life, there was you to light a path to somewhere better. You were quite literally my "Something to Believe In." In all my life, you've been the one male constant A father figure during some times, and friend during others... there are so many hats that you've worn to improve the quality of my life. In addition to you're effect as a whole, you've had a profound effect individually. Each of you bringing something else to my life that made me more whole, and more alive than I could ever have hoped. Your meaning to me is difficult to word, except to say that one of your songs states almost exactly what you mean to me "Only Time Will Tell." In the many horrors that I have endured in my life, from drugs to rape... you guys have been my life preserver. Keeping me afloat above all of the garbage and muck around me. You are oxygen to me. I cannot imagine my world without you. I would truly be lost. There is no me without you. I would not be the person I am today were it not for your immense influence in my life.

This is how you've made a difference as a unit. Each of you has also made a profound difference as individuals, which I would also like to share.


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much love,

This page is based around an e-mail I received several months ago about a blue ribbon experiment where a student took a blue ribbon to someone who made a difference in their life. That person in turn was given 2 more ribbons, one to give to someone who made a difference in their life and one for that person to pass on in the same manner.

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