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Creationist Arguments and Evolutionist Responses
Punctuated Equilibrium...
Lack of Transitional Fossils...
If We Descended From Apes...
What Scientists Call Evolution...
osing Limbs and Organs is Devolution.
Fossils are Planted by Satan.
Flood Accounts for Fossil Stratification.
Radiometric Dating is Inaccurate.
Potassium-Argon Dating...
Life is too Complex...
Darwin Renounced Evolution...
2nd Law of Thermodynamics
Australopithecus was Only an Ape.
Prove Evolution to Me
How Could the Universe be Created From Nothing?

Bible Facts and Fallacies
The Consort of Yahweh
Virgin Birth
Resurrection Myth
Who Wrote the Gospels?
Ugaritic Cunieform
The Flood Myth

Other Stuff
Creationism: A Valid Theory?
Evidence for the Big Bang
Questions to Ask a Creationist

Average Number of Working Synapses in a Creationists Brain:

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Rants, Speculations,and Personal Theories
Religion and Role-Playing Games
Faith and Trust
A Debating Strategy
Why I Dislike Christianity

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