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Welcome to the Roller Coaster Network. The Roller Coaster Network is a powerful research tool. Please use carefully. There are kilobytes upon kilobytes of information and data loaded upon this database. I are glad to share it with you. Much time and effort has been put into this page.
Have you ever wondered how a rollercoaster works?
What causes you stomach to go flip-flop as you go over a hill?
Why are you able to seemingly float at certain points in the ride?
These questions and many more regarding the true science behind rollercoasters can be found at our physics page.
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Goliath Over Georgia-
A roller coaster classic is built in the Southeast's Six Flags Over Georgia.
J Marshel

Kingda Ka-

The tallest, fastest ride in the world. This position was dominated by the Top Thrill Dragster of Cedar Point. But, of course, records are meant to be broken, right? We here at Roller Coaster Network believe so. To learn more about Kingda Ka click one of the links to the left labled
'Kingda Ka'.
Joe Davis

Powder Keg-
Silver Dollar City has always been known for a friendly family atmosphere, and beautiful scenery. Recently, though, the park has become known for something quite different. Roller coasters to be precise. With the introduction of Thunderation and now the Powder Keg Silver Dollar City has now become a destination of thrill seekers everywhere. Click here to read a specially prepared article on Powder Keg.
Jackie Schmeltz

Anchor Bay-

One of the nation's oldest parks, Lake Compounce, is opening a new water ride named Anchor Bay. It is an exciting yet relaxing ride. It will be an addition to the joined water park which is part of the park's admission.
Click here to read more.
Jason Wardle
Roller Coaster News

BREAKING NEWS: The world's fastest and tallest roller coaster is to be built by Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersy.

Great Adventure's Golden Kingdom awaits final inspection. More...

The Italian Job Stunt Track opens to media. More...

Marine World to announce inter active dolfin display. More...

> ConAgra starting sponsorship partnership with Six Flags.
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