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Astrophysics / Philosophy


The Blackthorne Theory of The Black Hole by Draconis Blackthorne
By Draconis Blackthorne

The Blackthorne Theory Of The Black Hole: Matter & Energy is sucked into the central vortex, first broken up at the summit, then modified in the center by gravity compression, then released back into the cosmos. Gravity is reversed at the other end, flushing the particles outwards into the cosmos, perhaps into another dimension, parallel omniverse, or light years away in this same dimension.

We know that a black hole is an imploded star. It's size depending upon the size of that quasar. We know that the Black Hole's gravity is immensely dense, & apparanly crushes everything that comes into its vortex, even at its summit, or corona, from whence one will see sporadic bursts of light. This is due to the destruction of matter, as molecules, neutrons, protons, & electrons are dynamically dispersed. Chaotically seperated.

It has been conjectured that matter is obliterated within a Black Hole. Matter is energy {as evidenced by its diffusion {i.e., the bursts of light}. But energy cannot be destroyed. This is a basic physical principle. It is only redirected & reassembled in another form, by entropic fusion.

When space matter is disassembled by the crushing gravity of the Black Hole, it is drawn into the central vortex, called its "singularity", in increasingly condensed forms. The Laws of Physics are bent therein, which causes the enigmas of metaphysical manifestations, via the transformation of matter & energy. With their transfigurations as a result of chemical bonding.

The entropic gravity forces crushed the matter into microscopic particles, even finer than spacedust, & much less cohesive, at the corona. The deeper into the central vortex the matter/energy travels, the tighter the matter then becomes, & is reassembled by entropy, in various convaluded forms, like the myriad shapes of snowflakes, but each with different, newly formed chemical properties.

When thinking entropy, think cave spires. Each is beautiful in its formation, but each is individual, & is constantly changing through time. They are not created through pre-set organization, but by random droplets cascading down through the cavern walls, with the factors of temperature in the cave, of the water, the chemical compounds therein, & the distance they fall. All random, according to what is occurring in the environment. Thus, entropy is not chaos, but the key element in evolution. In fact, chaos came FROM entropy {i.e., "The Big Bang", & the eventual "Big Crunch"}.

It has been theorized that Black Holes may be interdimensional portals, & for this purpose, have been renamed "wormholes". Indeed, all physics as the scientific community has thusfar known it, are compromised within the vortex, including space & time. This theory, however, lends itself to the possibility of there being another side to a Black Hole. This is the crux of The Blackthorne Theory. For everything that exists, there is its opposite, its negative & positive physical, or mental, or emotional reflection. Sans mythology, which is an attempt to explain the laws of physics. In many ways, the processes of the omniverse must be FELT, rather than rationalized, in order to personally flow WITH Nature. This is the manner in which Magicians operate.

Physics, however, is the science which stimulates intellectual curiosities, & will therefore equip man with technologies to manipulate those elements for the betterment of the civilization.

As far as utilizing these wormholes as dimensional gateways, & in keeping with The Blackthorne Theory of The Black Hole, the material comprising a spacecraft would have to be either incredibly tough, or incredibly soluble, so as to not completely break up. The soluble material makes more sense, as it would have to modify itself to the curve of the physical laws of The Black Hole.

Supposing that extra-terrestrial crafts have done so already, an analysis of UFO stories will divulge that a select few so-called "abductees, & "witnesses" of such phemonina, have claimed to have felt the material by which an alien spacecraft is comprised. It is soluble. Like "liquid metal", able to bend & reshape itself. Plus, it serves as a protective field upon entering planetary atmospheres.

The Blackthorne Theory supports Darwin's Big Bang Theory, in that, at one time, a particular mixture of volatile gases & compounds were forced to bond because of the ensuing gravity compression, thus causing the "spark of life", that particular energy level, galvanizing the matter in such a way, as to begin the procreative process. Then, of course, evilution took over.

The Black Hole was the womb from which life as has been known thusfar, sprung forth. This coincides with Epinox 1, as regarding The Black Genesis. Spacious night is our Dark Mother Lilith, & all that lives & thrives by the grace of Satan came forth from the womb of The Black Hole.

{c}Copyright Draconis Blackthorne XXXIII Anno Satanas / 1998 {666} c.e. All Rights Reserved.

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