The Impact of the Military in the Fall of the Roman Empire

The Impact of the Military in the Fall of the Roman Empire


The Roman military can be viewed as one of the greatest army ever. However,
around the end of the Fourth and the beginning of the Fifth Century, the military
began to deteriorate. Many things contributed to the military cause of the fall
of the Roman Empire. These things include military problems within the army,
military tactics and decisions, and barbarian attacks. Some of the military problems
was the low funds for the army and problems in recruiting soldiers. A problem in the
tactics and decisions was that the military often recruited barbarians for the Roman
Army. These barbarians could not be trusted. The barbarian attacks helped deteriorate
the army in which there were constant attacks on the Empire. In fact, the city of
Rome was sacked many times!

     Below is an outline as to the military causes for the decline of the Roman Empire. 

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The Impact of the Military in the Fall of the Roman Empire

 I.   Introduction: The Roman Army’s decisions, tactics and problems that
contributed to the decline of the Roman Empire.

II. Military Problems A. Low funds for the army
B. Recruitment Problems

III. Military Decisions and Tactics A. Recruitment of Barbarians for low pay
B. Men tried to avoid the draft
C. Government forced people to join the Roman Army

IV. Barbarians Begin to Take Over the Empire A. Barbarianized Army
B. Barbarians take advantage of the unorganized army
C. Barbarians engaged in battles with the Romans
D. Pressure from the Huns in the east
E. Invasion by Germanic tribes and Huns
F. The Western Empire falls to the barbarians

V. Conclusion: Poor military decisions and how it led to the defeat of the
Roman Empire by the barbarians

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