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Dec  28
Been back at home for a little over a week now.. got soul calibre 2, which is really fun. Other than that and though, it's been pretty boring...any news of parties or anything? anybody not horribly busy with work and crap? gimme a call or a msg or something... i really need something to do

Dec 7
Wow..almost 2 months without an update. Must be some kind of record for me..oh well. I'll be back sometime between the 16th and 17th for those who care. Until then, I get to kill myself studying cuz it's been at least a month since I actually went to any classes.

Oct 10
It's been over a month, so I think it's time for an update. So..uhmm....what I've been doing...partying...hanging out with friends...homework...classes...ultimate...food...and sleep every now and then. Yup...that's my month.

September 8
Whee! Frosh week is now officially over, and the actual school semester starts. Met a lot of great people. The guys across the hall are fellow gamers, my roommate really reminds me of Calvin (no mistaking tampon for a tank top yet, but we'll see), the 2nd (or maybe 3rd) year student in the room next to mine leads the Ultimate frisbee travelling team for Waterloo, and we've got our first meeting tomorrow, and I've got a badminton meeting later this afternoon and tomorrow night, and down the hall is the girl's half of my floor (woohoo!). After a week, I remember about 5 names out of the hundred or so I've learned...

August 26
Once again, quite some time since the last update. Just thought I'd post some stuff here before I head to that big University in the sky..err...I mean, Waterloo. Leaving Saturday morning for Toronto and spending the weekend there before I move into res. So much crap to take care of before I go, it isn't funny. Anyways, what have I been doing all summer you ask, that I'm too busy to record the idiocy of my friends? Well...not much. Playing Ragnarok Online, spending time with said friends at random parties, LAN parties, drinking parties, camping, etc. and just generally enjoying myself before I head off on my own. Met a great girl online too :) she managed to get my pic off Calvin's site, and she thinks I'm cute...oO go figure. So anyways, like I said, go check out the new stuff I have in the idiots section. Not much, but that's what i get for putting it off for 2 months. Can't remember a damn thing. I guess I'll update again when i get settled into res, and I'll have some pics too cuz my dad is sending me with his laptop and a state of the art webcam. So, until then, good luck to you all, and remember always the sagely words of this young wise man....MELEE!

June 3
Added stupidity that shoulda been there last year.

May 22

May 21
For a description of today's update, see last update.

May 15
That's right folks, more stupidity! Woah...deja vu

April 30
It's about damn time. That's right folks, more stupidity!

April 26
I know it's been quite the time since my last update. Nothing much to update about though...wait, there is. FSO is pretty dead now ( :'( ) but i found a new game.
Tibia! Also, I beat Windwaker, and it's a really fun game. Let's see..umm...right! A little while ago, Mat told me about a new game for the GBA, but it's something that you'd expect only those crazy Japanese ppl would have. BUT: They're giving it to us North Americans too!! This game is nuts...I mean..NUTS!

March 15
Saw The Ring at Mat's place last night. Ok, I'll admit it, I was pretty creeped out by the end. Very good movie! There were a few plot holes that I could see, but only after finishing the movie, and I really can't point them out without giving the movie away. Anyways, I was much too busy noticing all the little tiny details that the producers added in that really enhanced the movie. Also saw Formula 51 at Mat's place, on Jen's suggestion. It was allright, except that *somebody* kept telling us to watch scenes which she found funny, and the rest of us found
very disturbing to say the least. I dunno, but watching a guy strip isn't my idea of funny....also, we saw a few episodes of a cartoon called Clerks. Funny shiat! They're exactly like Mat and Scott! Woo! Also, update in the idiots section!
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