Black Penis Envy And Rebel Dementia: Mental Disorder Is Characteristic Of Civil War Re-enactors and Southern Heritage Freaks!

By Gen. Ulysses S. Grant
(aka Dr. Grant)

Quite frequently those suffering from Rebel dementia exhibit black penis envy. This is so characteristic of the disease that it deserves further analysis and description if one is ever to approach a cure to this mental illness.

In order to investigate the nature of black penis envy among patients suffering Rebel dementia, a controlled experiment was conducted. This involved projecting images upon a video monitor screen, measuring pupal activity, pulse, breathing rate, brain wave response and auto stimulation of the penis with vibrating penis rings to produce erection and ejaculation. Subjects were fitted with penis rings and vibrators so that visual stimuli and masturbation behavior could be correlated.

When subjects were shown Civil War photographs they exhibited increased pupal activity, heart rate, pulse and beta wave activity. All subjects showed an increased desire to masturbate when pictures of Gen. Robert E. Lee were shown. Pictures of Civil War cannons firing often induced ejaculation as did pictures of over sized black penises or similarly shaped objects like a cigar or nuclear submarine.

Showing pictures of slaves, especially slaves being wiped or abused resulted in a significant increase in heart rate and auto stimulation of the penis. A marked response was also noted when pictures of nude black slaves were shown. Curiously any picture showing the breast of women slaves or the penises of male slaves resulted in subjects activating their penis rings to culminate in ejaculation.

As controls, patients were shown a variety of pictures ranging from the American flag and US seal to contemporary icon images such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and President John F. Kennedy. Not surprisingly subjects with Rebel dementia were most aroused by pictures of nude slaves, with Civil War images drawing the next highest degree of auto arousal.

This is in stark contrast to the normal response; ie, those who do not suffer Rebel dementia are always more aroused by a picture of, say a super model, then of a slave being whipped or a Civil War canon being fired.

The deviant response of patients with Rebel dementia suggests this disease is associated with learned, conditioned behavior, that for some inexplicable reason patients with Rebel dementia are sexually aroused by playing Civil War games, pretending they are slave masters or even imagining they are raping their imagined slaves. This conclusion was supported by questionnaires of test subjects. Also a correlation was made between the increase in auto arousal due to pictures of black penis shaped objects and those Rebel dementia subjects who were homosexuals.

Given the established link between Civil War imagery and sexual arousal in patients with Rebel dementia, it is not surprising that black penis envy is a characteristic of this disease. Obviously those with Rebel dementia get sexual pleasure from playing Civil War games and pretending that they live in another time where they can gratify their sexual desires simply by raping or sexually abusing slaves.

The idea that black men and women are free takes this source of sexual gratification away from them, hence they hate black people and envy the black man's penis! This may also explain why people with Rebel dementia often are the same ones who commit hate crimes against black people or join such groups as the League of the South (LOSers groups) or the Ku Klux Klan. They simply are trying to compensate for the fact their penis is not black (mythically larger and more potent than their own white penis) or that their power to control the black man's penis has been taken away from them!

Although these studies do not suggest a cure for Rebel dementia, they do support the opinion that therapy should include dissociation with everything that relates to the Civil War. This especially includes the Confederate flag which caused many subjects to get extremely anxious and aroused. Often subjects were found to hang Rebel flags over their beds so that they could derive sexual pleasure from these while masturbating at home. Some subjects even admitted to wearing underwear or other clothing with Rebel flags upon it as this was sexually stimulating and there is apparently a special market for such items which capitalizes upon people who suffer from Rebel dementia.

Additional study is necessary to design more effective treatment for patients with Rebel dementia. So far the best therapy seems to be abstinence, to have patients bury or burn their Confederate flags, uniforms and Civil War memorabilia. Like those who join alcoholics anonymous, patients with Rebel dementia must first realize they have an addictive mental illness before they may be helped. Unfortunately most who suffer from this disease fail to ever admit to their illness, and they often go to their graves dressed in Rebel grey and coffins draped in Confederate battle flags.

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