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I didn't create any of these programs.
I just want to make an overview, of software for Dungeon Keeper.
The names and Copyrights are given by this site, and the downloads themselves.
The main reason, to publish these programs here, is the fear of them being disappeared.

If you download Unded, you'll see a website, that doesn't exist anymore.
Maybe because they couldn't solve the bugs, that still are in this beta version.
These bugs, and the genius programming, make it possible, to make beautifull stuff, you can't make with other editors.

In Unded; Height of things in the dungeon, create your own drawings in the dungeon (3d), and more.
Bugs in Unded; Doors stay doors, after you smash them. Levels often do things, you can't predict.
Their script editor is great, good for learning to script.

Also DKSM has got utilities, to learn and debug your level script.
Adikted is my favourite editor at the moment.
The dos interface lets you think about the level very well.

UnDEd, Beta V 0.74

UnDEd [397 kb]
Inside this *.zip you'll also find DK Cheat, to edit gold in your saved games.
The editor is rather wysiwyg, easy to use, and has got a script editor.
In certain menu's, the program will exit, so save regularly.
You can also save in names & numbers you choose and opens fast, unlike the official editor.

UnDEd. © Copyright Gilmour and Folds 1997

Website of Jon Skeet      Adikted      Small Utilities
Jon Skeet's Website      Adikted [65 kb]      Small Utilities [210 kb]
I very recommend, to visit Jon's website. You'll find lots of stuff there!
You'll have to do his tutorial, to be able to use Adikted.
For the script, amongst others, you can use the small utilities.

Stuff here: © Copyright Jon Skeet

Official Editor by İBullfrog İElectronic Arts    Ok, not a download on this site, for the official editor.
I'm afraid, they will try to make money, over my back, as they did with the way DK2 came out!
Not that they don't deserve money for such a game, but the way they made DK2, makes me think, the maker of the original Dungeon Keeper wasn't part of their team!
So go to their website, to download it. It's a good editor. Little freedom taugh. You'll need the script manual.
   DK 2 sucks

DKLV & DKSM. Nice tools, on a slow server. You can download some tools here, to debug scripts and rename maps in your level directory.
Very handy utilities, if you create levels yourself, or play lots of downloaded levels.
De software, freeware, is great, and the site is still active.
You can go there, or download them here;
DKSV    DKLM    Visual basic runtime library 5
DKSV [935 kb]
Debugging your level script
   DKLM [708 kb]
Moving your maps around in directories,
renaming their numbers.
   VB Runtime Library 5 [666 kb]
The makers say you need this to run.
But problaby you don't (already have it).
DKSV and DKLM © Copyright Tim Daish 1998, 1999, 2000

Enslave Enslave lets you edit each creature in your game.
I don't know, if the maker has got a website.
Problaby not.

© Brandon Sim 1997

Enslave SKIRMISH.COM, starts up keeper with 1-player in the multi-player menu. Completely useless, because you get the same thing
"C:\Program Files\Bullfrog\Keeper\keeper95.exe" -1player
and you still have to add the level to levels.txt, in order to find it on the multi-player map.
Also, you have to change keeper95.exe into keeper.exe, which is a bug.

© Cyberhead

Personaly I prefer calling new level source codes map000001.* and start a new game.

Sorry, we spilled some blood ...
Down here some *.txt files whith data for building level scripts. The main part you'll find in the official editor, these are some things not found there.
 map0000xx.txt Template by DZJEE AR. Find his levels at the levels page.
 computer_player.txt. A collection of commands used in the original campaign. Could be nonsense.
 expierence_pnt.txt, the time needed to train a creature to level10.
 objectives.txt! All objectives from the original campaign, and their number in data/text.dat  tutorial_flash_button.txt where those little stars around icons are made of.
 spells.txt, some more information on various creatures.
 map00_temp.txt Template I made myself, it has more commands than the one on top.
 dk_settings.txt Creature values from the game for SET_CREATURE commands
Sorry, we spilled some blood ...