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The Georgia Guide Stones:

Located in: Elberton, Georgia, USA

The key stone says the center stones were erected
March 22 1980

There are many sites out there covering the subject, most have negative feelings on the Stones.

Thus I had to consider them and I have my own opinion. Click on the image to the left to be taken to my take on this Mysterious Stonehenge-like structure.
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Georgia Stones
The News
The Late Great Super Power
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Actually no. Instead I wish to turn your attention to the world scene and to step back and look at all that has happened since 2000.

What we have is a lot of interesting things going on, interesting as in the Chinese curse
"May you live in Interesting times." (click to learn the truth of that)

The more recent threats of terrorist attack on or around the Presidential Election spurring the White house to ask
"Should we make a bill which will allow us to postpone the election if a terrorist attack takes place?" Makes one have to think what really is going on in our White House.

Since the tragic day of 11 September 2001 we have be under a constant onslaught of Terrorist Threat Warnings, we have a colorful warning system which goes up and down and aside from the Anthrax mailings there has not been ONE terrorist attack on American Soil since 11 September 2001.

Not so much as an attempt - At least not an attempt which has been public knowledge.

Let us consider for a moment that an attempt was made, thwarted but no public mentions was made of it. If this is the case then the White House is hiding things from us which would be just cause to question the Presidency and the staff under the President.

Since the Capture of Saddam and other notables were made public knowledge, a thwarted attempt of terrorism on American Soil would be news worthy and would be held up as proof that the
Patriot Act and its amendments (there have been a few, one made on 13 December 2003 - didn't hear about it? That's right the same day that Saddam was captured President Bush signed some more add-ons to the   thereby giving Homeland Security more latitude in the process of hunting down terrorists.) we can assume then that any attempt would have been made news.

The fact that remains that through all of the Warnings and all of the notifications of chatter about nebulous terrorist activity here in the homeland not once has such chatter borne fruit.

Yet now we are to believe that the Elections will be a good time with a higher threat to them than say Christmas, Independence Day and all of the other Holidays and events which were easy and open targets.

Lies, lies and more lies. The politicians are lying, they are trumpeting and screaming "Wolf! Wolf!" when the wolf is no where to be found. They are purposefully manipulating the public into believing that 9-11-01 types of attacks are waiting at the doors.

Remember that Add-on to the Patriot Act on 13 December 2001?  The same kind of illusionary tricks are being pulled on the American public - while our attention is averted from the real deal, the White house is doing not so nice things.

I am in the process of collecting more links and data, and I will of course add my own interpretation and spin on things.

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