What started out as an adventure ended up being nothing more than a project for my computer class...

     What's there to say about this little meaningless space I occupy on this vast web that seems to span world-wide? This is my update space! Check here to see if I updated anything or plan to. First off:

   I haven't updated in I dunno how long, but I don't think anyone cares. I want the A Day at the Fair CD, or LP or whatever it is. That Chris guy can always almost make me cry with his sweet emo-punk-acoustic stuff. It's not like dashboard, but it still rules. I think Lanemeyer's made me more sad than dashboard anyway. I'll send anyone an mp3 if they want.

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it could happen...
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If you go to church, you shouldn't go HERE......
My fat babys...we ROCK !!!
Lay-tees, take off your pants.
Non stop hip hop site by Kyle.
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"His Excellency", Stephen
people share your pain...we'll get through this.
click here for the YoUnG tOm FuRy SuPeR-cOoL #1 FaN pAgE!!!
a brief word to my guests, from I, your gracious host...
   Why has any critic given Episode II a bad review? They're obviously missing the point of the whole series. I think it's one of the best movies ever made, so ha! Yet I am still a tampon.
You need to learn somethin', sucka!
Cool N/E site with lots of great writers...
(and to answer Shannon, no, I'm not a chubby chaser. this is just funny.)
emode.com said I was sexy...
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