Holly God and Me
& Holly
Holly's another of God's gifts to me, the perfect daughter.  Well, maybe that's not quite accurate.  Holly's more like me than I am!  As a result, life can get rather entertaining with us sometimes.
God must have thought that after 8 years of life with Susan, I was finally ready for a real challenge.  Holly is the result!

What can I say about Holly that would even give anyone a hint of what she's really like?  I could tell you that she's a free spirit, stuck with a "not so perfect" human body.  I could tell you that she's me, only female.  I could even tell you that she's a fine spring day, perfect in every way - with a black cloud over her head.  It's all true, but it doesn't quite describe Holly.

Holly has been blessed with the most positive outlook on life I've ever seen.  She'll try anything at least once.  Unfortunately, she also has been blessed with a body that really doesn't want to take part in what she wants out of life.  You see, she was born with club feet.  After many months of incredibly painful treatment by some fabulous German doctors, she was finally declared "healed".  If they only knew, that was only the beginning.  Everything went just fine until she went into High School.  It was there that we discovered that she was simply incapable of doing most of the same things as other kids, physically, but we didn't know why.  She was/is as strong as an Ox, she can work rings around me.  She has the artistic talent that has always been a hallmark of our family (except for me - I have trouble with simple little straight lines, everything else isn't even worth trying).

We finally found out what at least some of the problem is, just a few years ago.  Holly has a very rare blood disorder, and if that wasn't enough, she topped that off with Lupus.

Once again, God's been on duty - overtime!  The time came, just a couple years ago, that Holly completely collapsed while out in the yard, she couldn't breathe hardly at all.  A trip of 100 miles got us to a military hospital, where the doctors decided that she needed, desperately, to go to San Diego for surgery.  Her arteries were completely clogged up and there was only one doctor anywhere in the country that could do the surgery necessary to save her life, and he was at the University of California Medical Center of San Diego (UCSD).  She was med-evac'd out on an Air Force jet, along with Susan.  I followed a bit later.  Anyway, to make a long story short, she got her surgery and everything turned out fine.  Physically, she's probably in better shape than she's ever been in her life.  The blood disorder is still there, the Lupus is still there, but they're both under control - at least for now.

While God was looking over Holly, though, we found out that she had a cousin in Boston that wasn't so lucky.  He had the exact same problems, but he didn't survive to get to the plane that would take him to UCSD for surgery.

Anyway, God saved her for me.  Today, we both work for the same company - and between us, the company will never be the same again.  Life with her is a joy, a gift, and I'm very glad that God gave her to me.


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