The Holy Catholic Church
Pope Benedict XVI (Benedictus XVI)

Before you get into my relationship with the Church, let me make one thing perfectly clear; I'm no writer and I'm not an expert on the Catholic Church - I don't think anyone other than the Pope and the Church, itself, really is.  However, I try to follow Christ's teachings and my Church follows Christ's teachings.  Therefore....

I've only been a member of the Catholic Church for about 15 years - I grew up in the Lutheran Church.  However, that's neither here nor there.  The point of this entire section of my Chapel is to relate some of what I understand of my Church in a way that might be interesting and informative to others.

Like with most everything in my life, I sometimes fail to agree (or maybe understand) with
everything the Church teaches.  I should, but sometimes my faith simply fails me.  I pray that the time will come that I have complete faith in all things.  However, there are a few very basic things in the Church that I would never be without.  This section relates to those items of faith.

Hang in there with me, you might find it enlightening.  I hope, at the very least, you find it interesting enough to remember some of it and maybe even do what I did - study enough to learn enough to make the decisions life requires.

I'll be discussing the following items.  Click on any item to go there and study along with me.

ONE NOTE BEFORE YOU BEGIN:  The information presented in this section is NOT open to debate.  This is information on Catholic beliefs.  Either you believe or you don't - I do!  This is for INFORMATIONAL and educational purposes ONLY.

Also, while every page in the Chapel has a copy of the Chapel directory, every page of the Catholic Church section, after this page, contains a Church directory also - and some sections contain sub-directories.  In all cases, it's designed to allow you to go anywhere from anywhere.

So!  There's a lot of good information here, pick any subject and click on it.

We Begin:

The Holy Rosary

The Pro-Life Rosary

The Seven Sacraments of The Church

The 14 Stations of The Cross

Catholics, What We Really Believe

Church Manners

The Right To Life

The 10 Commandments
10 Commandments of The Tongue

The Beatitudes

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The Pro-Life Rosary
The Right To Life
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