Memorable Days
Summary of the MAJOR EVENTS during our University Life.


  • 16th September
    The unforgetable starting day of our University life. On this day we all converged in Peradeniya for the intensive English course.
  • 4thNovember
    The First year Engineering course started on this day.


  • 7thJanuary
    Official release from ragging. The buketing day.
  • 11thJanuary
    The Welcome party.
  • 25thJanuary
    The batch hike. We went to the Hantana mountains on this day as all our seniors did during the past years.
  • 1stFebruary
    The first year batch trip. You all would remember that on this first batch trip we visted the Sigiriya mountains and then had a bath at the Kalawewa river.
  • 8thFebruary
    The Mahapola Ceremony was held for our batch on this day.
  • 12thAugust
    The first acedemic hurdle of our campus life. The first year test began on this day with the Mathematics test.
  • 17thSeptember
    The first year Industrial training began on this day. We were palced in various parts of the country.
  • 19thDecember
    The first year results were realeased on this day with Priyatharshan and Menaka getting six 'A's.


  • 9thFebruary
    The second year started on this day.
  • 26thOctober
    The third year started.


  • 6th and 7thMarch
    Third year batch trip. This year we visited the down south of Srilanka including the University of Ruhunu.
  • 10th March
    Second year results were realesed on this day. There were total of 17 first classes with Sundaravadevel topped the batch.
  • 23rd August
    The third year exam started on this day. It continued until the 3rd September 1999.
  • 20thSeptember
    The third year Industial training started on this day. It continued for 12 weeks.
  • 27thDecember
    Our final year began on this day.


  • 12thJanuary
    Final year examinations came to an end today. The day of depature of our University life.
  • 17thMay
    Final year results was realesed today. Sathananthan topped the batch again. There were 16 first classes in Civil, 2 in Chemical and One in Elec.
Members please note that if any important events are missed report them to the Web Team.