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PRODUCTS AND SERVICES                                                   

Our office maintains a general dentistry practice.  We provide the following services:

Having a denture laboratory in our office provides us with the means to efficiently perform most denture services.  Same day service is available for dentures, partials, repairs and relines.
Precision Partials (invisible clasps)
How would you like no "wires" to show with your partial?  No one will know anything is in your mouth!
Immediate Dentures
When nothing else can be done, an immediate denture can be placed in the office after remaining teeth are extracted.
Crown & Bridge
The ability to restore broken down teeth or replace missing teeth.
Implant Restorations: implant supported dentures; fixed crowns. We can restore your implants for either situation.  
Tooth Whitening 
See some example before and after pictures!
Mouth Guards   Protection from sports injuries can be yours!                                 
Denture Cleaner  Keep your dentures looking brand new with our patented denture cleaner solution.




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