This is the home of my fanfiction. I've been imagining myself into my favorite movies and books ever since I can remember, but not until the summer after my freshman year of college did I start writing it down. I knew people did these things, in fact, my best friend is an avid Buffy writer, but I had never given a thought to actually doing it myself. Then, I got re-introduced to one of my favorite shows, (that would be The Magnificent Seven, by the way,) and got this... idea. I had to write it down, and my life hasn't been the same since! I write whatever is interesting me at the moment, and so far I've dabbled mostly in M7, Buffy/Angel, and the Patriot (only one of my all time favorite movies!). Recently, I've really gotten into Firefly, which of course resulted in fanfic ideas galore. I have also been dubbed "Queen of the Odd Crossover," as my favorite characters from all different places have a tendency to collide quite often.

Magnificent Seven

Here is is... the fanfic that started it all. My first forray into the fanfic world involved seven deadly handsome men who protected the Old West from the black hats. Come and check them out!


This section is home to both my Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan fanfiction.

The Patriot

Only one of the coolest movies ever... Men in tight breeches and guns and horses. What else could one ask? How about one of the most beautiful guys ever to wear a red coat? Yes, I'm talking about the villian of the movie, Colonel Tavington. Here's all of my fic about him.


Here are my Buffy stand-alone stories.

The Buffy/Patriot Crossover Page

I said I did odd crossovers, didn't I? What would happen if the Colonel was turned into a vampire? And then ran into Buffy and crew? Lots of fun, as it turns out.


The future home of my firefly fics, centered around Joss Whedon's short-lived (unless it gets picked up by another network *crosses fingers*) space western/drama.

Wheel of Time

This is fanfiction based on the massive fantasy series by the extremely talented, yet somewhat long-winded, Robert Jordan. Most of these are related to various roleplays I've been involved in over the years, but I think they stand well on their own.


Here are other random crossovers that didn't really fit anywhere else...