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Whew!! Got some dust in here!! Let me clear the cob webs and get this page running again!!

Welcome to Kids Graphics! Here will be all kinds of kids graphics for your pages! All that is asked is a link to my pages so others can find something for thier page too! Not much to ask is it? Oh yeah and don't link to the graphics themselves. You can save them to your hard drive. If you need help you can always mail to me! Mail to Kids Graphics

Brand Spankin New! Apply for your PoohRiffic Award for your pages! Check it out! I wanna be PoohRiffic!

New Too! Now you have a choice of Awards! You can now apply for the Angel Baby Award! All Pages must be KID SAFE!

I think I am an Angel Baby

Tiggeriffic? Does that tell me bout your page? Check to see if you can win your Own Tiggeriffic Award

I think I am Tiggeriffic!

ONE Award PER Page Please!!

List of the Backgrounds I have to offer you so far. I have a ton of graphics I have made and have never put them up on a page! It is very possible I have what you need! Just mail to me! I would be happy to see if I can help you!

{NewTwo Sisters} {Angel Babies} {Angel Baby 2} {Blues Clues} {Lion King} {Little Mouse} {Valentine Teddy} {Baby Graphics} {Valentine Teddy 2} {Boy Valentine Teddy} {Tigger} {Cuties} {Pooh Bear} {Tiled Pooh} {Tea Mouse} {Girl Teddy} {Tiled Teddy}

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All these Graphics were made by me, by using Clip Art images or items I have scanned. Please add a link to me if you use them! Not much to ask! I do not own the copyright to the images you see within these pages. The format of the pages and the things I have added to the images are under the copyright laws. WE will no longer offer any Precious Moments or make any images containing Precious Moments Per this page Copyright of Precious Moments Sorry!

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