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Name: Choon_Wah
E-Mail: leohuiyi_91@hotmail.com
Comments: Have a heart of gold ,this site not to be miss for all collector.
Name: Santos Nah
E-Mail: santosnah@hotmail.com
URL: www.hobys.com.ar/belizebanknotes
Comments: Interesting page. I am interested in the 1953 borneo note if you still have it. I am sure I can help you to add to your collection. 1 love from Belize. Happy collecting,
Name: Sashikanta
E-Mail: sashikanta@yahoo.com
URL: http://sashikanta.info
Comments: Hi, Nice Job!
Name: Chakri
E-Mail: mychakri@yahoo.com
Comments: Hi Malini, it is really professional looking to see your site and nice to see there is a good website for currency notes :) , It is really looking good and professional look. and great to make one website for paper currenccy collection.

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