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Collecting of PaperMoney and coins can be very interesting hobby. By this interest you may bring history, culture and arts around the country into you and others. You may collect PaperMoney from their historical figure as flowers, animal, building, rain forest, kings and queens, leaders, ships and many more. 

There are some collector who also collect Hell Notes. Do you know about Hell Notes? Well for those new to this currency or bank notes or PaperMoney collection or what ever you may call them, here are some info for you on Hell Notes....Hell Bank notes are call an afterlife monetary paper. Which is used by the Chinese as a offerings in their traditional. This Hell Bank notes can be printed in many style. 

Collecting of Stamps are very historical. Each country stamps has his own unique, as leaders, flowers, buildings, temples, transport systems, medieval sculptures, dal lake, refugee relief, animal, kings and queens and many more... .

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