End of Times Prophecies

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The Living "White Sphere" of Kether.
Lives beyond the Veil of the Abyss in Deep Space
And it is the True
"Living God".

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Top left map shows world as it is today.
Bottom left shows world as it was
when I came through the Veil of the Abyss.
Top right shows continuation of that earthquake scene.
Bottom right shows
The final conclusion to the apocalyptic scene.

map A

End scene Map.


The Journey beyond the Grave

The Satisfaction of Biblical Law.

First contact with the Jews.

The Fulfilment of the Biblical Signs in the Heavens.

The False Prophet Sabbatai Zevi.

The False Prophet Muhammad

The Origin of the Arch Angel Gabriel.

The four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Surah 4:82. Errors in the Koran.

More Sura 4:82 conversations.

Why Islam bites the Dust.

Islamiway Sura 4:82 challenge.

The False Prophet Jesus

The Curse of the Living God.

Judgement Day.

Conversations with the Jews.

Conversations with the Muslims.

Conversations with the Christians

The Christ unveiled.

Other Stuff.

My Beloved Children.

Biblical Death Sentences.

If You are a Roman Catholic Christian
Or a Follower of The Christian Church of England
Or A misguided Muslim
Or You are Blasphemous in any way
You are Forbidden To Read These Revelations
Unless you have permission

The End of Times Doomsday Prophet.

The Lord King and King of Kings, Starjade.

The Crown of the Living White Sphere of Kether.

If you ignore this warning

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