photo of a Whooping Crane

By Tracy Aulie
Grade 3/4
Earl Grey School


This WebQuest will introduce you to some of the animals in Canada and around the world that are in danger of becoming extinct.




For some parts of this WebQuest you will work with a partner, and in some areas you will work alone. Each section will tell you when to work with your partner. Always try to be like researchers gathering facts about endangered animals. 

Each session you will be given a new assignment to complete. As you complete each task you will learn a little bit more about endangered animals, as well as learn how to use the Internet and many library resources. 

Each of you has been given a journal to help you organize your research and writing.

Below is an outline of your WebQuest:







The rest of this WebQuest is divided into 5 sections. There are detailed instructions that follow under each heading, so read carefully. These are some of the skills that you will need to be able to complete the following sections successfully:

· Reading to find out directions

· Knowing how to locate resources in the library

· Skimming to find information

· Making jot notes

· Review of Writer’s Workshop process

· Take on a role as reporter to orally present the    research  project

· Preparing a power point presentation


Mini Research Animals From A to Z Extra!  Extra! My Far Fetched Pet Power Presentation




  • Partner rubric (one filled out by you and one by the teacher)
  • Journal evaluation
  • Alphabet book
  • Interview presentation
  • Power point
  • Writer's Workshop steps

To see the rubric examples, click here.





Now that you have completed all sections of this WebQuest, you should have an idea about the many problems that there are in the world, that affect animals, and often cause them to become a vulnerable or endangered species.  On the last page of your journal make the following heading:

                How can I help endangered animals?


List at least three ways that you can make a positive difference to the endangered animals in our world and province.


You now have an opportunity to return to the Hotlist and check out other sites you have not had a chance to see. Enjoy moving around the websites and have fun. Hopefully you have learned many new things about endangered species of Canada.