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Welcome! My name is Sue and I have lived with endometriosis for a very LONG time. I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis 15 years ago at the age of 32. My diagnosis took a long 20 years to receive; my symptoms began at the age of 12. I will spare you the math ;0) – 35 years of living with 'endo' as I write this and I continue to struggle with the pain and issues of treatment that so often accompany this disease. While the focus of this site is endometriosis, I also have FMS/MPS (fibromyalgia/myofascial pain syndrome), diagnosed 10 years ago, so you will also find some discussion and sites listed on this topic, as others also deal with both endometriosis and fibromyalgia. I have been educating myself about endometriosis and FMS/MPS since my diagnosis. These are such difficult health problems and I feel that sharing with others and researching as much information as I can, has been key to coping with the many facets of these conditions. I have set up my homepage to help you do the same – offering you a warm and caring ‘home’ for sharing through forums and chat rooms and providing links to other sites that I have found helpful. Please take the time to check out the many links below. There is a wealth of information contained within! Knowledge IS Power! May you all find the path to wellness and freedom from your pain.

~  I welcome you to join us along this journey ~

   With Love & Hope, Sue   

In Memory Of Those Who Have Perished
Love, Encouragement, Hope & Healing To All The Survivors
Love & Support To All Their Loved Ones


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Newsflash! Congress Passes Endometriosis Bill October 1, 2002!
See links below.

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NEWS: Newsflash!

Congress Passes Endometriosis Bill
Passed October 1, 2002! Read Bill.

Endometriosis Research Center PR on Bill
Pass along this PR to spread the word! Help promote awareness!


Center for Endometriosis Care
Doctors Robert Albee & Thomas Lyons (Atlanta, GA)

Dr. Lyons Site

Advanced Laprascopic Surgeons
Dr. Reich (NY)

St. Charles Medical Center
Dr. Redwine (Bend, OR)

Helena Women's Health
Doctors Andrew Cook & Deborah Metzger (Palo Alto & San Jose, CA)

Reproductive Specialty Center
Dr. Koh (Milwaukee, WI)
Dr. Birnbaum, interesting information on endometriosis

e Ob.Gyn. News
Free registration required, excellent source for endo & other articles

All Things Endo
Interesting/helpful articles

Endometriosis Awareness & Information

The 'Survivor's Letter'

Endometriosis in the Media

Endometriosis Association

Endometriosis Research Center

Find a Doctor / Rate a Doctor - WebMD

Find a Doctor - EA

Finding a Doctor

Finding a Doctor by State

Women’s Surgery Group

Endo Walk for Awareness
(Sorry, this link no longer works, keeping it, should it become updated)

Understanding Endo Jargon

Endo Vocabulary

Australian Endo Organization

The International Adhesion Society

The National Lupron Victims Network

Endometriosis & Dioxin

Site on Endo support for the males in our lives

Image Library of Endometriosis
These are mostly actual photos of endometriosis - Graphic Images

Menopause & Beyond


Find a Doctor / Rate a Doctor - WebMD

AIM Doc Finder

American Board of Medical Specialties

State Medical Boards


Medical Tests & Exams

Lab Tests Guide

Medical Dictionaries Online

The Online Merck Manuals


Ask Doctor Dictionary

Spell Checker & More

PRESCRIPTIONS (look-up info on medications & alternative medicine)

drkoop Drug Checker
This site also has a search for drug and food interactions - just enter all the meds you take to look for interactions
(Sorry, this page no longer seems to exist - please see drkoop site below)

Health Square
This site also includes a graphic of the medication,
helpful if you want to be sure you received the correct med from the pharmacy.



Drug Info Net

Medscape DrugInfo

HEALTH RELATED WEBPAGES (not specifically for endo):

Hyster Sisters (hysterectomy support)


Ask Mayo


Woman's Diagnostic Cyber

American Chronic Pain Association


CNN Health page


National Institutes of Health


Check Your Medical Records Database

Government Guide to Medical Tips


Fibromyalgia Network

Oregon Fibromyalgia Foundation

Fibrohugs Website
Large interactive FMS site

WebMD Newly Diagnosed FMS Forum
With Kim Jones, RN, PhD

The National CFIDS Foundation

Newsletter Articles National CFIDS Foundation

Flu Shots - To Shoot or Not to Shoot

Jim Roache's Fibromyalgia Website
This personal website contains a lot of information on FMS


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