HAHA, i now control the top of youre screen...
Heres Krillins bad ass writing collection.
This is all i have, dont take it away from me....
I understand this is weak.  Fine, then go here if you want to...
Obscene Sexual Terms!!(New and Working!!)
This is X-Entertainment.  Read some shit.
This is why no one talks to you Dan...
Go the way of the Stick...
Spank the monkey.... again...
What about this world is so sad.....
Well, here it is.  By popular demand.. a guestbook.  Have fun!
Weiner profiles...
I have yet again slipped into the obscure void of not updating.  But i have dragged myself out again if only to wrap up a few loose ends here and there.  Going through a big move very soon so look for more things to come in the somewhat distant future.
Celebrities... saying stuff... about music!!!...
Ninjas... oh yeah.
Its the band with that one sexy ass Injun.
Send an instant message to "Toofpikscool".... cause thats me.
Hezo MotherfreakinKitty
Chivalry underground.  This is its only link on the net.
The coolest imagestation out of everyones in the world ever.
My journey into a state of anarchy