And the final seat goes to...  Joe Storz!  Thank you to Jena and her family for hosting the last regular season match of the year at her brand new home!  At the final table, it looked like Mike Endres might win for the 4th time, but two bad beats on the river sent him packing.  There was an intense moment toward the beginning of the match, as 4 people hit full houses on the turn, sending our host Jena out of the game.  Joe pocketed a measley $65 compared to the $2000 he won in a tournament over the weekend.  Hey, maybe one day the WPT will be that big!  Here's to next season!
Table 1 (order gone out)
1st  Ashlee Bachert
2nd  Mindy Church
3rd  Mike Church

Mike Endres
Joe Storz
Ted VanderEnde



Table 2 (order gone out)
1st  Jena Evans
2nd  Marty Giaimo
3rd  Ray Lockridge

Jeriomy Guernsey
Brian Lomonaco
Summer Storz
Final Table (order gone out)
1st  Summer Storz
2nd  Ted VanderEnde
3rd  Jeriomy Guernsey
4th  Mike Endres
5th  Brian Lomonaco ($25)
Winner:  Joe Storz ($65)