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  The world of Grammar:
"Articles" - Rules - a and an using singular nouns.
(Please click on 'Articles' to download the materials)


Want to brush up your English in a fun way?  Try
downloading and playing our games for fun.  You will need to
download the free
shockwave software from Macromedia if you
want to open and play them.  Have fun!

"Find the English words" Game         "Find the animals" Game
"Connect the dots" Game              "It's a ..." Game
"Complete the crossword" Game      "What do you do on Sunday?" Game
"Complete the sentence" Game       Look and write 'It 's' Game


Would you like to improve in your grammar online? Why not
download this program from the UK?  It's called the
Churchill House First Certificate Programme. This programme
was designed by
Churchill House and taken from their Cambridge
First Certificate in English.
To download their course which they
are offering
FREE, click here!  For a course that is offered for free
by this prestigious private English Language School in the UK,
what do you have to lose?


If you would also like to also receive free emails and tuition via email from Wayne, you can join his email list by visiting his email web site at

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