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My Childhood

My Friends

Living in the United States

Virginia Tech Campus (updated 5 May 2005)

CPES conference and commencement (updated 4 May 2005)

The place I stay

Piano Duet and Original Compositions (updated 21 Jan 2005)

My tutorial Classes

Year 2002-2003 Semester I
Class of A1/A2 Class of A11/A12 Class of A21/A22

Year 2001-2002
Class of A13/A14 Class of A21/A22 Class of A29/A30
Class of C9/C10 Class of C23/C24 Class of D3/D4

Travel Highlights

Piano Music

Movie Music and Music from the 1950's to 21st Century



My Youngest Cousin from Canada

Flight Dynamics

Audio Amplifier

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