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are committed to the quality of living and protection of the White Pine County community. The Eastern Nevada Narcotics Task Force (ENNTF) would like to extend its appreciation and thanks to Mount Wheeler Power Incorporated for their donation of the Internet connection. Together we will be bringing our community, through the internet, information on drug trends, drug paraphernalia, signs and symptoms of drug use, hazards of drug use and penalties for those caught selling, using or possessing drugs.




I am a Lieutenant with the Nevada Department Of Public Safety, Investigation Division. This web page was developed by investigators with the Eastern Nevada Narcotic Task Force. The purpose of this site is information. Information, as you know can be a very powerful tool. Hopefully by using this "information vehicle" we can provide information concerning some of the hazards of drug use.

Please feel free to contact the Task Force with your questions, ideas, information. The Eastern Nevada Narcotic Task Force is located in Eastern Nevada in a small rural community called "Ely". In 1991 the Task Focre had five investigators and one lieutenant. Through years of budget problems the manpower of the Task Force has shrunk. We are now doing more with less. We currently have two investigators and myself.

The Task Force is committed to the protection of the people of Eastern Nevada. The most important goal of the Task Foce is to insure that those individuals with a drug problem get the professional help needed. We encourage individuals in our community to seek professional rehabilitation. We would rather have an individual get away from drugs, than go to prison. After all, a person not in prison, a person drug free, a person employed, makes the quality of life in Ely better.

History of the Eastern Nevada Narcotics Task Force:

ENNTF was born in 1989 out of a necessity due to the overwhelming drug use in our community. White Pine County Sheriff Bernie Romero saw a need for a specialized group of investigators to combat the drug problem, which plagued our community. Through a federal drug grant Sheriff Romero was able to obtain monies for investigators, equipment and training to launch the ENNTF. ---ENNTF works in the Ely office of the Nevada Department Of Public Safety, Investigation Division, and can be reached through E-mail (enntf@mwpower.net), regular mail (P.O. Box 150487, E. Ely, Nevada 89315) or phone (775) 289-1660.

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Please send your comments or concerns to enntf@mwpower.net or by Pony Express to (P.O. Box 150487, East Ely, Nevada 89315).

If you would like to telephone our office the phone number is (775) 289-1660.

If you wish you may stay anonymous. Information from the community is needed so that our office can better serve our community.

Thank you.

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