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The w'eb: tk3MU

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tk3MU is a graphical interface written in Python/Tkinter for the Roland TB303 emulator called 3MU, which can be downloaded here. 3MU originally uses a textual description of the sound and the notes to be played, and generates a sound file from this description. It works quite well..., but is not exactly user-friendly.

tk3MU is my effort to make almost all features of 3MU usable via a graphical interface. Not all features are available (this was too complicated...), but a fairly good set, including the definition of the main sound parameters and the notes to be played.


The main window looks like follows (click to enlarge):

[tk3MU main screen]


Download tk3MU (~26 Kb)

Please note:

  • tk3MU uses the TkExtensions package (~ 3 Kb), that you first must download and uncompress somewhere in your PYTHONPATH.
  • 3MU must be installed so that you can use tk3MU. 3MU can be downloaded here.
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